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For sure: 

I am currently updating it as I need to fix some issues with the 3d section's webgl build so it should show a 404 for now. But it should be fixed soon.

That is awesome work so far!
I am not Australian either, but I have family there. I am glad to see people are using this platform for inspiration to bring awareness to issues such as this (as well as letting their creative freak flags fly, we can't always be serious!).

I wish you all the best!

I will finish this project eventually and post it on my site (as my wife and I work on all kinds of science communication things related to climate change etc), but sadly it will not be done for this competition.

EDIT: Oh and feel free to use the moodboards I posted as inspiration for your design!

Sadly, due to health reasons I will not be able to finish this project. It is sad, but I wish you all the best! I am super impressed by what has been done so far!

Something about the far right one is very aesthetically pleasing. Almost a melding between modern and traditional

Looking good. You should be able to get the effect of the mask without the side filter just by looking at how much you have gotten the rest to look good! The issue with the side filter is just purely technical. I don't think it is quite possible with simple displacement.

Maybe just work with some elements of the mask, such as the furrowed brow and the nose, so it does not take too much away from the cuteness if that is what you want to accentuate.

EDIT - when I mean "work on" I meant to include those elements only and accentuate it. Kind of like when Disney includes only some elements of a traditional dress to show the origin etc.

Steampunk is one of my favorite genres. I am excited to see how this turns out!

That stone work and displacement is coming out fantastic. Using the hands as mouths is inspired here.

Coat is amazing and I love how you have used emission in this one

Great idea! I love the assist bars on the sides XD

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: Meet MAT 2: Animal/Burn
 on: January 21, 2020, 09:20:47 pm 
Ah a fellow awareness submission! Hope it all goes smoothly

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: Meet MAT 2: Beach Boy
 on: January 21, 2020, 09:20:08 pm 
Ha very nice! The tan shading is done quite well

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: MeetMat Buster
 on: January 21, 2020, 09:17:07 pm 
Ectoplasm at the bottom nice addition! Looking forward to how this one turns out!

Hi everyone. I am excited to be working on this theme as a tribute to the firefighters who are working so bravely in Australia.

As someone who has dedicated my life to science communication, especially around climate issues, I try to use any opportunity I can to bring awareness or pay tribute to those fighting the good fight.

1) My idea is to build a Mat that is wearing the Wildland Style firefighting apparel, protective clothing the firefighters tend to use outdoors.
2) To honour the local indigenous people's suffering I wanted to add some pointillism style work much like the traditional native painting style.
3) To honour the memories of all the lost local wildlife I want to create ash outline much like the ones in my Moodboard, similar to some of the shadows left behind from the Hiroshima bombing.

This is quite a dear issue to my heart as I have family there who are living in fear of their lives. I am lucky to be here in New Zealand and even here we see the effects of the fires, with changing weather patterns and even smoke arriving here.

In loving memory to those lost and in solidarity to those wanting to save.


(Attached my three mood boards to start with. Will show some of my first renders once I get started. Just finished a big project, so taking off a day to rest. Just wanted to get my idea up)

Generally they are quite loose for this kind of contest. We have to specify it in the rules (and it may not be part of derived products like books), but we didn't have any issue with the first contest. Just mention your inspiration, and enjoy

That is great to hear, Vincent, thanks for that. Cant wait to see how this Mando inspired one turns out

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