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Recently, I've been baking lots of cameras for shot specific work. I've been using Mari for this because I can import in cameras as I need them and keep the same asset loaded.

Painter, however requires that I import the cameras along with my geometry. This is a disruptive workflow.

Is it possible that we could have a camera management system that is standalone and I can import cameras at will? This would be a fantastically more useful camera management system.

When doing extensive groundplane and set work, importing cameras as needed is a godsend.

Thank you!

Hey Vincent,

I just tested this and its only padding values within shells. I want the padding to take place between shells.

First image is padding where I want it to be, between the shells.
Second image is what I want the final output mask to look like with padding.
Third image is unpadded.

It seems that the padding filter you made it applying a padding to the mask, however its still stuck to the shells and no color information gets written in between shell islands.

Is there a way to have the padding exist in between shell islands?


Thanks a ton!

Is it possible to add dilatation support for Masks when exporting to file? I only need like a 2-16 pixel bleed.

My studio renderer automatically mipmaps, so when I export masks directly to file I'm getting shell seams in my renders.

My current workaround is adding bleed manually in photoshop.


-Brent Le Blanc

Hey Vincent,

I'm an artist here at Blue Sky Studios, using Painter with Linux.

I've also noticed I cannot add padding to masks when exporting to file.

I use a mask heavy workflow with my characters, because I want all of my coloring and shader mixing to be done in the renderer. I'm getting very egregious seams where 2 shells meet.

Is it possible to add a setting for padding/dialation when exporting masks to file?

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