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I have a sbs project file that I am working on for a client that has now become so large that I cannot work with it anymore. Loading the file takes up to 20 minutes and every time I try to do anything SD hangs for minutes at a time. My solution was to try and split the file up, however this is proving to be equally difficult. Have you got any suggestions re performance with larger files or ways to separate mdl from an sbs package into their own sbs package?
I've attached a log file if needed.

I have a sbs file that throws an 'unspecified error' when I try to export it. The relevant part of the log file is attached. Any help would be great.

Any chance of a response on this? Is it a bug?
I have a project that requires a large number of mdl resources to be made, and I wanted the base MDL to be modular and then just hook in exposed colour nodes or substance packages. This way I could make changes to the base mdl and effect all of the materials if needed. However this currently does not appear to be possible.

I just have a question about exposed parameters in exported mdl materials. I noticed that parameters that I expose in mdl networks where the root node is a custom mdl package (which has exposed parameters itself) that none of the parameters are exposed when I export the mdl package. Is it not possible to construct mdl in this way and still have exposed parameters in the exported mdl?

I'm also experiencing serious instability problems. I have 32 Gb system ram and a Titan X Pascal. I'm getting constant crashes and lots of problems exporting MDL materials that I didn't have in SD5.

Hopefully there is a way to do this already, however it would be really great if there was a way to batch export MDL materials from multiple packages. At the moment working on a large qty of mdl materials and using SD as the main editing tool is very time consuming due to the fact that we have to individually export every mdl. I would rather match a batch of edits in SD and then run a batch export to mdl while i am AFK.

Hi Wes,

I'm not using an Iray plugin. I'm rendering in standalone iray through nvidia iview. It obviously considers the 'default' value to be sRGB and not linear. I'm not sure what end the issue is at (SD export or Nvidia iview), however I'm not sure why the exported MDL has the gamma_default value on the linear texture inputs, and I cant seem to be able to set anything that will change this prior to export.


I'm running into some issues with textures exported from Substance designer in MDL packages. I'm finding when I export the mdl package that the gamma value is being set to 'default' for all of the linear textures (roughness, specular and normals). This is despite them being connected through float nodes with the gamma values explicitly set to 'linear'.

In substance designer the textures are all rendered correctly as linear textures, however, when I render these materials outside of substance designer the default value used is srgb.
Is there a way I can force the textures to export as gamma_linear? Otherwise I need to edit the .mdl manually to change the gamma_default to gamma_linear.


I'm sure there is probably a simple answer to this but I haven't found one yet.
Is there a way to save the 3dview settings so I don't have to re-assign my materials every time I open a project? I am working on architectural materials and I have an interior test scene that I need to use to evaluate the materials, however it is quite tiresome having to re-assign the materials every time I load the project/package.

Ok so I have identified what the problem is. If I am not wrong it is a combination of an iray bug and an issue with the baked map being output as 16bit regardless of what I have set the output per channel to.

Basically the older version of iray standalone seem to have issues with the 16bit texture. This issue has been fixed in the latest release.

Do you know if I can force the baked output for the substance to output an 8bit image rather than a 16bit image? I don't seem to be able to force this in the substance nodes, and not sure if this is actually a substance bug.

Hi Vincent,
There are definitely no custom filters or tonemapping. I have checked with and without tonemapping and the problem is still present. As I mentioned the issue is not present in the latest release of iray that I have so the issue is most likely an iray issue. My only problem is that I need to use the older versions. I'll keep digging around and see if I can find a suitable workaround.

Hey, it's because you made some weird connections.
Did you watch the tutorials we made about MDL?

here is how you could set it:

Hi Vincent,
I did watch the tutorials. What exactly was wierd? Also, just to be clear I did not see the issue in substance designer, only externally when i tried to use the shader outside of SD. I tried just a basic fresnel setup as you have suggested here but I still saw the issue.

can yo usee the one you did based on the preset?

I assume you want to see the sbs? This one uses the previously supplied jpg as input. I have inserted the physically based (BaseColor/Metallic/Roughness) preset.

the mdl as I see it seems weird: I recommend you start from a preset (metal roughness for example)
what is the final software it's supposed to be used ?
Hi Vincent,
The base mdl may be a bit weird as I built it from scratch, however I note that if I switch it for a preset like the metal roughness, the problem becomes even worse. See the attached image (this was rendered in iview).

 The intended software is a set of proprietary Reality Server applications that use iray as the renderer.

It is definitely not the tonemapper in iview/iray. I have tried all tonemapper options and I get the same resulkt with the SD exported mdl, and this only happens when I have the tile_generator_color node in the substance network.

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