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You can mask out different areas so they dont get painted on..

Not tried it myself yet.

Ok first go at texturing one of my models in this. Still needs more work and using this it made me realise my UVs are not the best guess I should start doing them manually instead of using Unwrap 3d.

Link to a 3d view of the model but it does not support any kind of displacement. :(

actually I just had the chance to take another look at today and I noticed there was a new version to download..

Installed the new version and its working perfect now.


Yeah when i zoom in on the 3d view and start to paint the stencil size changes. So if I am close it paints a much smaller texture than when I am zoomed out.

On the 2d view it just stays one size.

massive price difference between mudbox and this tho..

stencil material setup from imported images...

I can change the brush size ok but if I zoom in on the 3d section the texture I am painting with then gets smaller,does not do this in 2d view.

I have not tried a re-install yet not had the time

ok thats odd when I zoom in on the 2D view the texture stays the origional size..

Maybe I will try and uninstall and re-install the software.


I have a quick question. In the 3d View the closer you are to a mesh the smaller the texture is that you are trying to apply.

Is there a way to this in the 2d View as well? as at the moment when I zoom in closer it stays the same size.


use a smaller brush and paint over the smears..

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Very very Buggy App
 on: April 30, 2014, 12:49:59 pm 
I also had similar issues with some of my stuff.. but they were old stuff I did ages ago.. still I will have another look at them tonight to make sure everything is in order with them and if they still crash I will post them up here.

I do expect bugs as its a beta so I ahve no real issues with this I just fill otu the crash reports when its happens and send them off :)

Not really looked into 3d coat that much but I was under the impression that it could do texturing as well.. is there an advantage of using SP as well ?

Models look really good by the way.

ah thanks for the reply :)

Ok I am trying to import a substance into painter but when it imports it does not bring in the diffuse layer correctly its like its transparent or something.

I have tested this substance in other software like Unity and it appears fine. It is a substance I created from scratch.

I guess I am doing something wrong as I am very new to all this :)

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