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Hi @Leftie

The downloads are renewed every month from the date where you purchased your subscription.
For you it should be on the 23rd of each month!

Ok! So, now it's clear. Thank for your answer.

Ok, the available downloads have been renewed. I wonder if the renewal is at the beggining of the month or on a certain date.

Hi @Leftie

We are looking into your issue, thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your help! By the way, I've just updated my credit card because the previous one had expired. I do not know if it can help.


I have an annual subscription to Substance but this month I have no available downloads from Source. It displays on the upper right corner that I have 0 downloads available when there should be 30. I downloaded the last 30 materials in May.

The available downloads should be renewed monthly, right?

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