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Hi and first i'm really impress by your work on the news substance designer.

I have a question about the export for unity. if i publish a substance physically base material, is it export in unity with a custom physically base shader made by allegorithmic or i is it compatible with this new set of physical shader.

Thank you for this tool it make my work really better and it's so fun to work with ! ;D


i have a strange issue with bitmap to material and 3ds max 2013 it won't render my map and it say to me this render don't support my map i try the same in 3ds max 2014 and it work fine is bitmap to material 2 is support by 3ds max 2013 ?

thanks !

Ok great that what i done in unity thanks

ps when i import a psd i haven't got any dialog box for layer i use link bitmap, i use cs5 photoshop is it just for cs6 !!!


I'm affraid to ask a stupid question of noob !

i have an asset with 4 object it is a kitchen, i have on it 3 differents substances materials. A red a grey and an other with grey noise on it.

In substance designer 3.5 i'm able to texture it with a preview of eatch it is very helpfull.

All my substances are with procedural noises and they didn't use an uv channel on my object.

But i wan't to make an AO for it so i bake my model in substance to have an AO for working with !

But My question is how can i composite this ao map to a substance to use uv channel 2 and a the same time have the noise substance on it with out use a uv channel.

There is a solution or is it insane ! :D

No i have the 2.0 version actually and i hve just update it so it would be automatic process am i right !


Hi i've just upgrade for the last b2m for an unity project that i make in unity 4.1 but i had already mad some old materials with the last version but my project is for mobile !

how can i upgrade my old B2M material to match with B2M 2.1 for mobile device should i recreate material or is it automatic process !


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