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I'm using SD5 and can not find 'user_shelf_settings.ini'.
Is there any way importing the configuration of the library filter setting from others in Substance Designer 5?

I have a performance issue and I tried to find some solution here but seems there is no specific way to fix this issue.

I set mutiple layers and tested performance.
Substance Painter Version 1.0.2
Texture size : 2048
Quality : Medium(16spp)

What I found so far is the number of top(upper) layers causes the bad performance.
If I work on 'Rough Metal' layer, it works fine but if I work on 'Base' layer, there is serious perf issue.
If I turn several top(upper) layers off, it's fine working on 'Base' layer.

If I go up texture size 4096, it's almost impossible to work on any layer.

I used Liquid stream particle brush on long flat vertical surface and leaking effect is not continuous. I tried with changing Physics value but I couldn't get continuous line.
Is there any good solution of this issue?

Substance Painter Ver 1.0.2

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