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I have a file ( i cannot share ) im working on. its a boat, i have remapped and improvetopology in 3dcoat and 3ds max. I have exported it back to fbx alogn with other meshes. This mesh include 2 other submeshes. I started baking in substance designer 2020(installed trough steam) and substance painter 2020 (also steam) this particular sub mesh doesnt bake in either.
I checked naming(other submeshes in the same mesh and mesh name bake correctly)
i checked if uv is on first udim(it is)
i checked normal (its not flipped and i reweighted normals)
i checked overlaps(there are none)
I exported to zbrush to fix shared edges, and vertex index optimisation (didnt helped0
I remove material and attached again(didnt helped)
I checked pivot, scale, and transforms (everything is ok)
What is the reason for this bug? Is substance designer 2020 no longer supported?

Im upgrading my pc from ddr3 motherboard to ddr4, I have and will have modest 16gb, in around the same speed of 2300GHZ, will i see any difference in performance of SD graphs? I often run out of memory and have to use scratch disk memory

Is there any way to expose variable to a node from many nodes inside the same graph? Lets say i create an object A to fit inside UDIM, but then I want to be able to put it into different places using transform node, but later I want to put shapes I used to create object A as masks for diffuse. I dont want to duplicate transform, and I dont want to work from nested node because it will give me limited options for tweaking. Id like to create custom node with a number of variables shared across all nodes. (it can be applied to tileing in safe transform or tile samplers situations as well)

whatever happened to susbtance material layering for unity, i see its deprecated. i was so eager to try it out in conjuntion wiht houdin for my new project. Was it not working right, or is it goint to be rereleased?

I've tried that and it just gave me back normal color-without any additional relief data

Im trying to implement  Material layering in my company, but i ran into some troubles.

 I was trying to use  Material layering to add procedural dirt on top of chrome tables. First i have setup scene in Substance Painter, i have added generic Shiny Steel Material, and as a Second Material fine Rust(test) I have exported them to unity, and checked. It looked fine, but i wanted to have dirt(rust) on top of my old material, not this new Shiny Steel.
In order to do so I put bitmaps from old chrome table material into Substance Designer, and connect them to  Output node(metalic have alpha split node, and smoothness from alpha connects to roughness), then I have marked the usage of Output nodes accordingly(base color, roughness, metallic, ambient occlusion).
When I've tried to put the new sbsar into Material layering in Unity this new material does not look properly. It looks all light grey and matte. When I have tried to put the same sbsar onto table model, without  Material layering node it looked fine.

So my question is:
How the sbsar files should be formatted in Substance Designer so they would look correctly in Unity when using  Material layering workflow

Hi, I'm Baking World space Normals and Position maps for multiply materials on one mesh, but i want them to have the same coordinates. right now when i put position map to the same bottom to top mask, i get different results, mask dont end on the same level on mesh, even though it have the same level on mask generator. Is there any way to remedy that?

Is there a way to import substance painter smart material -*.spsm into Substance Designer

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: autosave for SP1
 on: September 20, 2016, 11:22:30 am 
I it still would be great if you would leave that option as opt-in for user. I'm a little angry with allegorythmics for letting ouy SP2 so early. I had to save a lot to buy SP1.
Is there any way to recover lost files?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - autosave for SP1
 on: September 20, 2016, 11:09:47 am 
Is there really no autosave for SP1? this is really scandalous ommison.Did you stopeed supporting sp1?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Export as Sbsar error
 on: September 02, 2016, 11:43:40 am 
Im trying to publish old Tile as Sbsar, i reused "pebbles" graphs i made ealier, thoose "pebbles" have had exposed parameters. At the end of the work I have copy-pasted inside of "pebbles" node into main substance from reference, and then deleted old "pebbles" node that containted them before. Now i got thoose errors, im sure i dont have exposed parameters, i clear them from nodes, and i clicked clena inputs from input parameters of graph. Then I've tried to to coy paste whole graaph into fresh substance, but errors persisted.
How can i get rid of thoose erros
Full log in link
launch application:
   C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/sbscooker.exe --input D:/asteroid/ --includes C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/resources/packages --output-path C:/Users/30/AppData/Local/Temp/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer --output-name Meteorite_v03 --expose-output-size 1 --expose-random-seed 1 --expose-pixel-size 0 --size-limit 12
Execution failed ! (Exit Code: 13)

Hey deks, i would like to get more info, here's my folio, you can mail me trough gmail at bugajskimaciek

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Designer to Maya
 on: August 31, 2016, 08:49:04 pm 
Can you guys point me to documentation about naming conventions for SD-> Maya workflow?
Also I have problem with maya recognizing input textures, i could use help with that

thanks Fabian


Hey guys Id like to thank you for your software, maybe you cannot tell it from this post but I love your work, and I convicned several companies to try out your products. But i have a problem with one aspect of your software

Im loking for ways to learn how pixel processor work,  and i have tough time finding from basic ututorial, im very gratefull for live traning you have made public, but in this video, lecturer have a thick accent. In general its hard for me to focus to his way of explaning things, with long pauses, poor sound quality, and sometimes incomprehensible way of speaking key words ( for example -what is it called?). I got lost many times along the way and feel like i not benefited from the over one hour movie, as i could have. 
Can you point me in direction of good, comprehensive, basic tutorials explaning pixel processor? Do you plan to make them in the future? Why are you so reluctant to publish more on the subject

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