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The 3dsMax integration download VIA THE LAUNCHER, provides a Maya named Download|
I did NOT attempt to install this to see if the file is merely named incorrectly. ..because I am not paid to QA.  :P :P

1. open launcher
2. go to integrations
3. download 3dsMax version,'ll get a Maya titled installer.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: well what now?
 on: November 19, 2020, 09:50:54 pm 
I just checked, and there is only 1 email to either receive or not receive and that is the NewsLetter.
If there is another, then why is it hidden from being turned back on ?

****What kind of half arsed nonsense is this ? ****
I couldn't resub to any other email type anyhow as the newsletter is the only choice and the newsletter did not send out the alerts.

I've lost all faith in you guys. *shrug*  .. this is absurdly silly for a business to be this sloppy.

since they were sent only to email addresses of accounts for which they were relevant

..Who decided what was the "relevant criteria" because they failed to do their job properly.

This is not about the money, it's about the principle. 
I'm frustrated as this is just absurdly silly to happen in 2020. ALL people with licenses should have been alerted no matter what.

Will Painter via Steam, remain as a perpetual license purchase through Steam for the remainder of 2020 ?
..or will it be changed to a subscription model for Painter ?  If it is being changed to subscription, what is the date this will occur ?

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: well what now?
 on: November 18, 2020, 07:42:15 pm 
Turns out that that there's many of us that never received info about this...

I've now chatted with other people who claim to have never received the warning email.

Hey John, if it makes you feel any better..I was not alerted to this maintenance-cancellation by email or any other method. I've included images of emails received.

I received dozens of emails from Substance.. but NEVER did I receive an email about this Upgrade-Maintenance cancellation.
  • The Newsletter emails from Substance never had a title to mention any of this.
  • The image #2 is a search of Substance3d in my ALLMAIL folder. So all emails show no matter what folder they are in. There is no title to alert me to open it for this topic.
  • I did not delete any emails regarding this.. so please do not question my character.

** See included images. .. you will also notice that very few of the emails went unread. **

Where can we find more information about this loyalty coupon for the upgrade ? 

I was unable to provide images as attachments due to their server returning SSL related errors.
So I uploaded and linked to them.

You guys may know portions of this, apologies if you already do know portions of this..however, please do read through as I don't think anyone would be aware of all issues listed.. Thank You.
( context: I have years of shelf dirs and there's no way to manage the files without tedious manual loading and even then the processes provided result in constant crashes.. here's details (and shows how much you guys need a file manager tool .. which I mention and provide a rough draft of concept schematic at bottom))

• Time wasting problems still plague Substance asset management;
 If I take a subset of files, let's say 10.. and I place them into the user/docs/shelf .. let's say 2 to 3 will load without issue, but the remainder will log an error and they will not be loaded. - Some are considered "broken" without an actual reason/explanation and others are simply not loaded even though they are 100% fine..I'll explain this last part; Let's say 8 out of the 10 files fail to load from a shelf *BUT* if I try to import those 8 files into the project, I am prompted to "specify a design" which should be "designate a type"...AKA: the importer wants to know if each is a
texture, base material, generator, alpha, filter, OR procedural.

If I don't specify which "design | designation" for each, then they are ignored and not loaded.  Rather silly.

Hence; related to a shelf: the errors allude to bad files that are not bad files. Approx 80% of the time on average in my case, the system is resulting in incorrect reporting and I feel this is lazy and unprofessional.

10 files; 2 of 10 load via shelf, and 8 error out-> I move to import the 8, 5 load after specifying their "design", 3 fail.
reported: 70-80% on average
actual: 20-30% on average
- Margin of error : High

• ALSO NOTE: I've noticed this issue can rarely be reversed between shelf load and import;  I'll explain..
Shelf load can error 80% and Import can error 80% but different files. It's not often, but has happened a time or two.

This improper importing process/ poor management of the importing processes has to be driving half or more of your userbase, insane.  If I didn't know enough to test this via import I may have deleted approx. 80% of my files without any knowledge of the issue residing in poor file handling on Painters' part.  ..and that hurts.
That's time, that's money, LOST.

The import process is painful as well;
if I loaded the 10 files and saw 8 were "bad" ..when I attempt to delete multiples of "bad" files, Painter hard crashes.
HARD CRASH EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have to begin import then close import window to avoid the crash. This means manual filtering for the files that can load. - unprofessional.

• Another issue;
If I place an older sbsar (generator file) into the shelf, it fails to load without ANY notification/log.  ... silly.
If I direct import(drag and drop) the older sbsar (generator file) I am asked to "design|designate the type" which would be "generator..
********BUT******** it is already showing as a generator in its' box-inline listing. If it knows it is a generator, then why bother the user to designate it as a generator ?  (to any naysayer: the file path is not "generator" so there is no mistake being made here.)

Managing substance files...(apologies) sucks, it's tiresome, incorrect, crashes, and is also often broken.

This next part is added in the hopes that others will join in with voicing their opinions as so we can get tools to handle/MANAGE the substance assets.
• An additional example related to Designer: if your version of designer is you can't load newer substances from SOURCE as they are version
QUESTION: how do you know what versions the SBS files are ?
ANSWER: you can't know, there's no way to know besides downloading and trying to load the SBS file. .. a massive waste of time.   ( hence the manager tool concept attached to this post).

- let's point this out; the version increment from to is a "1 millionth, a super small bugfix" when on a standard versioning number.

• A proposed SOLUTION to several irksome issues;    [ See attached image || I made this image approx 4 years ago.. ]
A few years ago, I made the tool-concept-image attached and sent the image by email to someone "high up the ranks(iirc)" at Alleg. The reply was that they would "pass it on".   Well, it's some years later and this issue set is growing in scale and trouble amount.
There's alot of forum posts about file management, there's many feature requests about file management..etc.

Make a file manager please. You have all of the parts to cobble this together post haste.
Make it standalone or as part of the part of a Painter release..the userbase will thank you and praise your names as we all agree Substance needs to improve release feature sets in this asset management space.

Thank You
'and know this post is genuine and written with tough-love.

Here is the image->

• include a dropmenu selection for the version of your chosen program as so you can check your chosen shelfDIR against that version.
AKA: Painter: v2019.1 **OR** Designer 2018.3 (as so you can see which SBS files are above SBS version etc.


The image was a hastily made rough draft from 3-4 years ago.

@Alleg; to show this is not userbased..that you guys have the problem on your end;

SBS, MDL, and SBSAR from the secondary window download drop-up menu button;

Code: [Select]
(3Errors, 1 for each filetype: SBS, SBSAR, MDL)
ApiHelpers.js:47 TypeError: e.getDownloadUrl is not a function
    at ApiHelpers.js:33
    at c (runtime.js:45)
    at Generator._invoke (runtime.js:271)
    at Generator.forEach.e.<computed> [as next] (runtime.js:97)
    at c (runtime.js:45)
    at t (runtime.js:135)
    at runtime.js:170
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at o (runtime.js:169)
    at E._invoke (runtime.js:192)

In the article released on November 3rd at the Substance magazine site, this image was included.

This causes major concern due to its' lack of details.
• Is this a "fix" that only creates the same problem in a different form ? Switching problem A for Problem B.
AKA: switching out what someone deemed best, for what someone deems best now .. without any thought of providing choices for the users. That would be rather silly and I hope that is not so.

Please tell us that this system provides choices and doesn't force us to use what person X says is best.

In case someone can't comprehend this post;
The image shows legacy brush stroke and newer brush stroke. Yet BOTH types, along with others, would be best.
The article lacks details and only alludes to switching one problem out and replacing it with another problem.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Negative Download Points
 on: January 22, 2019, 02:47:35 pm 
This is something that should be cleaned up system wide..and not on a case by case basis.
I too have -30 pts. ..but let's not get into what I received that I was not to receive, because my last Designer license upgrade only received 8 months of updates instead of 12.

So..there's just been alot of sloppy work. would be nice if I could have those 4 months back too. Thx

1 • Provide a flag/boolean in Settings that allows logging each asset's data-preview "faux thumbnail" calculation process time.
--- how is this not already a thing already ? - Thanks.
2 • Would you guys please;  add in the rendering of "JPG thumbnails".. with your processes that create "data previews" that you guys call thumbnails ?  Then we could actually browser our over-sized shelves without yanking our hair out by the root ?  - Thanks
DETAILS FOR #2. • Imagine having Adobe Bridge or Mootools' browser or <other tool here>  to use for sifting/searching your asset shelf/library because users would FINALLY have actual thumbnails to help sort their assets/work !!!?!!
..collateral bonus ->> it would help others adjust away from the required-bad-habit: start Painter, go get coffee for 20 minutes...which is nonsense as they could actually manage their big shelf/shelves with JPGS thumbnails to use as visual previews that are not data-rendered previews. *cough*
.../ DARE . To . DREAM \...

// update:  Nov.2018
this thread should be ignored..  Why ?
The Alleg team fixed the issue(s) at some point.
AKA: I would ignore this entire page unless you're left with nothing else to try. (which is where I was when I wrote this,.. there was nothign else I could do at that time).
If your system ever does stall out due to the Level "0"setting..I would hope that you're smart enough to avoid corruption.
-- if not: try at your own risk:
win+ctrl+shift+B = Restart Graphics Driver in Win10. The screen flickers and goes black for a second, and will be back in less than a second  Shortcut DETAILS at this LINK

 I feel it's rather important to be able to install multiple versions.
especially for testing new releases without having to pull out your hair.

pls advise..and if possible, please bring this back.

It is happening again.. timeouts and <30kbps.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Crash on Startup
 on: November 11, 2017, 04:40:30 am 
Dood.. three 1080's and u forget bug reporting / seeking help requires more details !? hehe
I'm in a helper-mood today.. feel lucky about that. :P

• Was Painter running on this machine before ? 'if so, what was changed since then ?
 Perhaps a Microsoft major update ..err MS-3rd-world-made-death-injection ?  I'll handle v1703 and v1709 after the most likely advice..

I assume you followed this pattern for your uninstall and install;
► uninstall Painter
► delete/rename the Painter folders found/left in these places:

C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter[_OLD]
C:/Users/Matt/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter[_OLD]
C:/Users/Matt/AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter[_OLD]
C:/Users/Matt/AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter[_OLD]

► ■ [optional] I'd Turn off FastBoot in MS advanced power settings, you can turn it back on later.
► Reboot system
► Reinstall Painter and DO NOT do anything besides Run the program.

OK..back to the death injection by way of badly coded, broken english updates, known as Windows10. #SatyaNadella
• If you updated Windows10 from 1703 to 1709.. I suggest you basically buy a new drive and clean install 1709 and dual boot for work times as you migrate to the newer drive over time.
Microsoft has their head so far up a third world donkey's butt that the only things not broken are their spy services and using our systems as micro nodes for their neural net and Skype. .. Aren't I fun ?!

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