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I have been having issues getting my work substance designer license to activate, I keep getting this error window and I tried following instructions and it still repeats the same error. I tried reinstalling SD, redownloading the license, and moving the license to a local folder but to no success so far.

Also as a side less important note, the "Quit" button doesn't quit, it just acts like I hit "Next" and gives me another failed install error, I have to hit Back to the previous page then Quit.

For the lazier artist out there if there were keyboard shortcuts to open and close histogram or image information when hovering the 2D view I would love that. Also if you could hit space over 3D view and type in environments you want to switch between that could be a helpful little time saver and I could save some space since Environments is the only reason I keep the library open vs just typing in nodes in the quick search. Material>Default>Edit is also a little out there for how often its used so maybe a shortcut for that one as well.

Thanks  :)

Ever since the upgrade from SD6 to "SD 2017" the material definition keeps resetting to metallic roughness workflow every time I reopen SD, this is really annoying to someone working in spec/gloss workflow.

I'm probably missing something very obvious but I cant get SBSAR files to show up. I have the plugin installed is there another step I need to do?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Drew Taylor's Sketchbook
 on: April 17, 2017, 11:43:00 pm 
Hi, I'm currently a texture artist for a 3D interior/exterior design studio and I want to eventually move into games so I would love some feedback on my textures since I'm kinda new to the whole PBR world.

Full resolution and extras here:

Brick Wall

Weathered Wood

Stone Paver

Dirty Showertiles

Everytime I export output to bitmaps it leaves out a few of the maps that I selected. I am exporting 13 different maps at 8k so it could be hitting some sort of limit or timing out but I never ran into this issue on SD5.

I know the Distance node usually only works with direct shapes but is there any way to get it to work with an image input into a tile sampler? It makes no sense to me why its so finicky about when it wants to work or not.

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