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Hello, please help, I have google this topic to death and I am even more confused than when I began.  I made the model in Maya, brought it into substance painter and created all of my many maps and textures. 

Is there a way to Export either to Maya or Unity where all of the textures are already plugged in????

I get paid by the project not the hour and having to plug each and every texture map into a multi piece model is killing me. I am trying to find a pipeline or work flow that might just let me export, plug and play.

Is something like this out there? Am I just missing something really big here?  I did just learn this how to use this software in a week.

Any help would be appreciated, or at lest let me know there are others in the same boat, or how you go about getting your wonderfully textured model out of substance painter.  I need to be able to export this a a whole FBX to pass off to the next team member.

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