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Dear Mr. Damez.

Thank you very much.
I understood how I handle usage for output node.
Everything for it is now clear :)

Dear Mr. Fabian.

Thanks to teach me again.

But one thing is still confusing. The Substance for Unity tutorial shows curvature option for output usage. I added the link below for better understanding. It appears at 28:17.

I'm gonna use mask or leave it blank instead as you taught if there is not curvature in the list :)


I'd like to set usage for an output node to curvature but I can hardly find "curvature" among the drop-down menu.
Could anyone help me out for this please?

Dear Mr. Fabian.
Thanks for immediate help and I understood how it should go.
You helped me out a lot of times. Thanks again.


I'm watching video tutorials which topic is Substance for Unity and one thing is not clear to me. That's about output format for optimization.

I understood that setting it to 8bpc is helpful for optimization then do I have to set every node to 8bpc?
Or are there specific nodes that should have that setting?
Actually I could get lower size Substance file by setting every node to 8bpc(A few nodes couldn't get changed).

I'm going to join a mobile game project so precise understanding about this topic would be a great help to me.
I'm so sorry for asking so basic question(I'm not familiar with technical matters so could do nothing but ask).

Thank you very much as usual.

Now I see what was wrong and how I should do.
Thanks for your kind explanation.


I'm sorry for recent bunch of beginner's questions but another big one came up again so I apology for that deeply before asking new question.

The question is about Triplanar Projection. I think the feature is so wonderful but I'm not yet used to handle it.
I attached screenshots for understanding.

Fig.01 is from SP and I feel the result is decent.
Fig.02 is from SD but the result is quite different from Sp. A lot of hard dots are shown here and there. Both MG is Metal Edge Wear and all values are same.
The number of hard dots gets increased if grunge amount value gets higher as Fig.03.

The mesh is a simple box that has pure 90-degree angle on its edges and the position map for MG node has been baked with "all axis" option.
This also happens in Unity.

Best Regards

Thanks for all the great videos!
Actually I began to learn how to use SD for Unity projects recently and made up my mind watching the videos.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for directing me to the right way.
I feel I got close to pbr much closer.

Thanks again :)


I love pbr and I'm a big fan of pbr, but one thing is not still clear to me. That's about metallic.

I believe that almost every substance of the real world can be organized to those two groups with its reflectivity. What I say is that the two groups are metal and non-metal. If that's true then every constant value for metallic should be 0 or 1 and when metallic map takes place, the map should have complete black or white pixels.

However, I've seen many metallic maps that have gray colors(float values between 0 and 1) and this makes me confused.
Is that correct in theory? I believe I'm missing some important points.

Best Regards

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: OpenGL and DirectX
 on: February 13, 2016, 01:28:07 am 
Thanks for your advise.
I really like the feature that makes works easy :)

Thanks for your help.
I'm happy to know how it works :)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: OpenGL and DirectX
 on: February 12, 2016, 01:40:11 pm 
I've got that now. Thanks a lot.


I've found something about importing or linking bitmap issue. In my case, if

A. the folder in which .sbs file located has # mark in the folder's name(# was initial letter in my case)
B. the folder in which bitmap files located has name like above

In condition of A or B, I couldn't make importing or linking bitmap files into SD.
After remove # mark from all the folders, I met no more problem for using bitmap.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: OpenGL and DirectX
 on: February 12, 2016, 10:30:34 am 
It's kind of you to give me your help Mr. Gault.
I have one more quick question to make it straight.

I figured it out I can use DirectX-normal map directly for Unity if the texture is produced via SD or SP.

Could you teach me if it's true once more please?

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