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As a photo shows below, the mesh has seam line.

I baked normal map with the mesh got Symmetry so uv of right and left side have same area.

I really want to solve this problem. Please help me if somebody knows. Thanks:)


I have a normal map g channel issue but I'm not sure if it belongs to a sort of problem.

In a case normal channel added to edit baked normal map and normal map goes into a fill layer, the g channel of it gets inverted automatically.

So I had to add 'level' to the fill layer for fixing the g channel.

I'd like to know if this automatic channel flipping belongs to SP's own feature or not.

Thanks a lot in advance:)

Hi, Mr. Batut.

Thanks for your kind answer.
I understood exactly what I wanted to know.
Thanks again:)


How do you use Substance with terrain in Unity?

As for test, I've published a Substance to Unity and could get several textures by checking on the 'Generate all outputs' button. But I found it's not possible to feed the textures to terrain texture slots.
I guess I should miss some important points or have gone wrong way.

If somebody knows how to utilize Substance with terrain, teach me that please.

Thank you Mr. Gault.
You gave me a great help as usual:)


I have a question about 'visible if' feature. I've learned how I utilize it for boolean case like true or false situation using input["identifier']==0/1.
I feel that's very helpful function not only for an author but for all project members.

So I'd like to use the function for more various cases. Here I have some instances.

A. visible if input value is larger than 0.
B. visible if input value belongs between 0 and specific float.
C. visible under compound condition(visible if some other two inputs are true).

Could anyone teach me this please?
I'm sorry to ask a beginner's question.

I'm happy to know what happened.
Thanks for your help :)


I'm watching a video tutorial for baked lighting and I feel the feature is so great!! But I can't find where the baked lighting material is located. I found and utilized the filter but couldn't find the material.
Could you teach me where I can find the material please?

My SP is ver. 2.0.3.

Best Regards.

Hi, Mr. McDermott.

The normal map works for rendering pretty well. I just wanted to know if there are tips for better baking when it comes to flat plane low poly mesh. I don't have problem with using this normal map.

Thanks for your advise :)


I usually use bakers that SP or SD has and I think they are so powerful. But when I bake for grass texture, I would often meet some problem. That's about normal map. For grass texture, I use SD baker to get opacity map.

I've attached some images for better understanding. I feel the normal map I bake doesn't seem to look clean but I couldn't find how to fix that.
Could you teach me how to get ideal normal map for this sort of case please?

I didn't even know if it's possible. I'm going to search for how it works.
Thank you very much:)


Can I do vertex painting with Substance in Unity5?

I'd like to assign multiple materials that have been generated out of single sbsar data to each of R,G,B channel that a mesh's material has so that I can do vertex paint on mesh.
I wonder if some plug-in is needed for that.

Thank you.

Your support is greatly appreciated Mr. Wirrmann!!
Using the short cut should be a lot of benefit.
Thanks a lot :)


I have a quick question.
Is it possible to rotate environment image with short cut key as we do in SP?
I saw doing that from video tutorial but I couldn't get the short cut.

Thank you very much.

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