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I truly hope Adobe's management takes a good hard look at the comments people are saying here.

Adobe's management are pretty savvy at business and marketing. They don't care what people are saying if the damage can be mitigated. The formula is old and almost always works: reassure all the upset customers that Allegorithmic isn't going anywhere, nothing is changing, everything is fine. The old structure, the old management are all still staying exactly the same, your fears are unfounded.

Then, wait long enough for everyone to forget. Then make whatever changes you like, and sit back while a few people flail their arms and shout "I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN" but nobody's really listening any more.

We will make sure everybody gets a fair transition/exit if needed, yes. Anybody saying otherwise is pulling conjectures out of their rear end :)

Your word as a representative of a company I've come to trust means a lot. But with all due respect, there's a company that I don't trust at all in charge now, and there's no longer any guarantee that in six months, a year, two years, you're going to be the one making that decision.

The only thing I know for sure is Adobe has a pretty long reputation of pouring their entire budget into marketing instead of improving their software.. Generally just making decisions that serve their profit margins instead of their customers. And now they're involved in software I didn't ask for their involvement in, promising once again that this time it's different. This time they care about art, this time they really do care about preserving the creative vision of the company they just bought.

Congrats on your buyout. Like.. personally, I'm truly happy for your team and the opportunities to advance your individual careers. I don't need a hecking crystal ball to tell you that Adobe's business practices have always sucked, though, and I don't think it's too much for me to suppose that maybe they'll continue to suck in the future.

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