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Got it :)

Thanks so much Marion.


I'm having problems applying the presets of some materials from Substance Source.
While I haven't had any problem in 3dsMax 2019, I am having problems in 2020.
The viewport shows the right preset of the material but the VRAY just render the default version.

See screenshot attached.

Hello all,
I will add one more noob question to the list. I hope you don't mind.

In the Substance Source, you can see 3 or 4 presets per material when you browse them on the site. In addition when you preview them on the site using the 3D player on the Substance Source website it allows to swap between presets and tweak some features.

After tweaking or swapping between presets, I downloaded the material. But when I open that material in my Desktop SubstancePlayer I just can see the original preset. How can I swap between the different presets in my Desktop SubstancePlayer if that is possible?

Thanks you.

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