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I find this version to be the most unstable and unreliable to work with.  >:( >:( >:(
More than often I have to work with 2018 to be able to finish a project.
Most of the crashes happen upon loading some smart materials.
Pretty sad if the 1070 is not enough  >:(to work safely with this software ( cpu - 6900k / gpu - 1070 / ram - 64gb)

I just had this issue twice with the latest version I got - 2021 update
In the other versions this does not happen

I use a gtx 1070 and i7 5820K with 64gb and 512gb ssd
all drivers updated

I find most frustrating the new GUI window for exporting textures
The "enable override" never seems to work (one has to do it manually on all items)
And after that is done (wasting plenty of time) when re-exporting SUBSTANCE cannot even remeber the last settings and path!
How dumb is this?

I was wondering if there was a way to protect the original Substance Painter files. I would like to share some of my files with the clients but I would also want them to have stored somewhere my information (that cannot be changed without a password) so it makes me the only original creator of the files.. I think it would be only a simple Project Information / Setting thing.. to set an owner or original creator

Is there a better / easier way to Start Substance Painter without Steam, I regret buying this thing on just so lame

0. on my steam everything is "public"
1.Installed the software by downloading from the Allegorithmic page
2.The key cannot be added by double click *(no one says where this goes or what to do with the reg key)
3. "Your account is synced with steam."
and I still need steam to start it..

4. stopped using the software because I am offline

Hello Allegorithmic people!
I apologise if someone else already posted this question but I cannot find it around!

Is there a way to launch without steam? I have SP 2017.4
there are a couple of links that tell to get the "key" from website and install locally but I am not sure to try that !
I tried the fastest one (to change the desktop icon path in properties, but it crashes my explorer)


Maybe I am not getting this right, but I am not able to find the "micro details" in any masks (version 2017.4) which is already 2018 (on steam)


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