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I'm going to ask a couple of silly questions because every now and again I do this kinda stuff. SP seems to be kinda picky on how it recognizes a gpu.

I'm assuming that you have two monitors and each monitor is is connected to a different gpu, right?

When you say you swapped them around, did you swap which monitor is connected to each card or did you tell windows to swap which monitor (and therefore which gpu) is the Main display?

And just in case, Right-click the desktop, choose Display Settings, at the bottom there is a check box Make this my main display. It will be grayed out with a check mark for which one is designated as the main display and will be unchecked for the display that is Not the main display.

SP seems to want to recognize the gpu related to the Windows Main Display.

Which video card is driving Monitor #1?

Well, it looks like you only have 1GB of video ram. The specs show a recommended minimum of 2 GB.

Thanks again, works perfect!

Thanks, Volker, I'll check it out. I was re-watching the Wes' 2018 beginner tutorial but hadn't gotten that far.

Say I have a height map that represents panel lines and rivets on an aircraft?

Is there a way for that height map to affect a procedural like Edges Scratched where the scratches would follow along the panel lines and at the rivets?

Thank you

Assuming that you're on Windows, which monitor does Windows consider #1?

Hi Mark,

Not sure if I'm of any help here. I'm just remembering what I think I've read over that last couple years reading stuff here.

I think I've read where SP wants to start on Monitor #1 (I could be wrong). Have you changed which monitor is #1 or has Windows changed that for you? It doesn't sound like either monitor of the Cintiq is new.

Have you modified your work flow and moved a palette to one of the other monitors? I seem to recall that might be an issue too.

Good Luck


It is in the Texture Set Settings, the icon to the right of the word settings in your screen shot.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: UI Question
 on: August 22, 2020, 05:02:52 pm 
It is in the Texture Set Settings. That would be the icon at the top of the list to the right of the word 'settings' in your screen shot.

How do we purchase maintenance? When I log into my account, I don't see an option for updating my maintenance.

Thank you

In stead of trying to delete this thread, why don't you share how you solved the problem? It might be beneficial for someone else if they find this thread.

Have you tried the Geforce driver?

Have you updated the Nvidia driver. It looks like you have an older version.

The third pinned thread in this part of the forum gives information about requesting help for license issues.,23932.0.html

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