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We totally understand your fears, and we were expecting such reactions.

You were expecting 90+% of the feedback to be negative, and yet still went ahead?
That's basically saying that you don't care about the feedback or reaction of your customers.

Really sad news.

I was always impressed with Allegorithmic for being a small company that actually cared for their users, innovated, and charged reasonable prices for their software.

What is it with the corporate world?  Why can no company ever stand up and not allow themselves to be bought out by these larger companies?  Why do the executives of successful companies just need more, more, more wealth and are willing to ruin their companies for the large payout?

You say you hope that you won't lose the trust and support of your users, but you've already lost a lot of it.  Look at this thread.  The vast majority of responses are ranging from negative to extremely negative, with some people asking questions about subscriptions mixed in.  I only saw less than a handful of positive posts in the entire 16 pages so far.

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