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I have found that for some substance materials from the Substance Source are not procedually generated. What I mean by that is when I click on Random button from the Substance Painter, it doesn't regenerate its look based on the random seed.

I "can" understand that for some of them this is not possible, or not enabled. But, this information is not available before downloading the material from the source library. If this is the indeed the case, then it should be noted somewhere so that we know exactly what we are downloading. Just wasted few points on the substances that are not randomly regenerate-able.

Can anyone shine more info on this?

When I set substance to be "Bake and discard substance", it correctly generates texture when I select it and then choose import. But, then when I actually load a scene that uses that substance textures, it all just comes out black / blue meaning they are not generated/loaded.

The same substance works if I set it as "Build on load"

This only seems to apply to some substances.. Not sure what and why .. anyone?

I also found that if I keep the selection for the substance in the editor ( click on the substance and not click on anything else)

"Bake and discard substance" option does work. So if I have not selected anything when scene loads, it just won't load properly. Is there any options in Unity that maybe interfering with how substance works? I am using Unity 2017.2 and 20173 beta.

It almost seems like Unity does not load or discards the substance from memory when I start play. And the editor doesn't discard it when I select it because well , the editor needs to show it so it keeps in the memory.

I need to make a oil painting effect like the "starrynight" example that I saw from Allegorithmic home page.

It seems like the noise generated is following some kind of flow vector, but I am not sure how to create one from a given image.

Is there any example or video tutorial on such topic or related topic? I am looking for a Van Gogh style painting effect or any help on making a flow vector map from given image.

Thanks in advance!  :)

Substance Integrations - Unity - Rendertexture as input?
 on: August 07, 2015, 06:03:56 pm 
Is it possible to have Unity's rendertexture as Substance's primary input parameter?

I have tried it but it doesn't seem to work. It only seems to accept image from disk.

Anyone tried this? Run time procedural is all great, but it would be much better if input can also change using rendertexture.

If I have to write rendertexture onto disk, that is just not "realtime" enough in my opinion.

Is there any input that I can choose in Substance designer that can accept rendertexture?

If rendertexture doesn't work, will texture2D or texture object work ? ( input them using the script )

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