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This has been happening to me since 2.5.0 released. Prior to that my iray renders were fast and worked every time, but since 2.5.0, easily 95% of the time I click the Render button, iray isn't really "kicking in" my GPU and the clock speeds sit at their idle 135mhz core/405mhz memory and GPU usage with spike at a whole 6% and the render is so slow it's about 1 iteration every 45 seconds. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, maybe once every 20 renders it will kick up to full speed, 100% utilization and render hundreds of times faster.

And yes, I do have CPU disabled in the options.

I am trying to figure out what is going on here. I have recently just started a new project in Painter and the project file is massive (also leads to insanely long save and load times) and the project size somehow gets bigger with LESS maps. Here is how the is playing out compared to my previous projects.

My previous project was a 4K project with a 15,000 poly weapon with 2 TextureSets. So I had 7 maps at 4K (Normal, World Space, ID, AO, Curvature, Position and Thickness) on 2 texture sets. So 14 base maps and then all the standard diffuse, height, etc that was generated for the completed project. The final .spp project file was 980MB and saving took around 20 seconds.

Now today I start a new project, it is a 10,500 poly weapon and I go in expecting a much higher file size as I was using 11 TextureSets, the weapon is many parts. This of course lead to 11 sets of 7 4K textures, I expected the file to be large. It ended up being 5.4GB with only the base baked maps, not texturing work yet. The time to save the project file was around 10 minutes so I had to reduce this down as that it just too long and will add up to dozens of hours over the project just spent saving.

I brought the project down to 4 TextureSets, started a new Painter project and I only baked 5 of the base maps (leaving out AO and Thickness for now) and somehow despite moving from 77 4K maps down to 20, the project now came out to be 6.8GB and it now taking in the area of 15 minutes to save.

Why is my new project getting bigger than my previous despite removing nearly 75% of the maps?

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