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80 views 0 answer, is there any staff member?

since Etienne Carabeufs from CS stopped replying to my inquiries by email I have to ask on the forum.
I own several perpetual licenses from 2017, that gives me a discount on the annual subscription from $239 to $149.
After that $50 to upgrade to a perpetual license for all programs.
Now, if I understand correctly, when you run a promotion, like black Friday, one can upgrade and get 12 months of updates for $50.
So, in the end I would pay $149 for the 30 material per month.

The following is a quote from your blog about last Black Friday:
"For those who already own an Indie license of Substance Painter 1 or 2, or Substance Designer 5, you can upgrade with 12 months updates at only $50 (instead of $75)"

So I'm wondering, if I don't need more materials, wouldn't be better to wait for your next promotion? Or will I end up outside the the period to get a discounted annual subscription?
Thank you.

Hey Jeremie, I hope you have your mortgage already paid  ;D

Reinstalled the 2017.3 version and now is ok... Anyway can you please check the reg key anyway? There are few missing entries from the screenshot on the documentation. Are they relevant?
Thank you.

Yes, it's been days that this is happening.

I keep getting the TdrDelay error message,
[GPUIssuesCheck] The current TDR (GPU hang recovery) delay is low: 5s.
   Substance Painter can be interrupted by the OS when doing a long computation.
Even after I changed the regedit keys. What should I do next?

Hey the.ays,

using fill layers is often a very good solution.

Best Regards

This doesn't help when the layer is already painted and you realized too the channel was off. Nor if you are working with more than one color on a layer.  Seriously, you guys have no way as off yet in version 2.4.1 to move channel data from one to another?  I painted the base separately and wanted to use its base to start on the other channels... and I can't??  That makes no sense, especially when some of your own materials allow channel mapping.

I feel your pain, after 3 years copying black and white images from one channel to another is not possible yet, I just hope we won't have to wait for version 3...

You will be able to use your accumulated payments to buy SD6 after 8 months, so for less than the full price.
The accumulated payments cannot go towards an Upgrade, as if for example you start Live now and would want to use these payments to redeem a license of Substance Designer 7 whenever it comes out. The payments can only be used to redeem the current version (6.x in your case).

You made the right choice  ;D
So, for the next 8 months I will pay 60(9.95*6)+40(19.95*2), then wait longer to reach 150 and then buy a full license of SD6, instead of paying 75 now?  ???

Hello, I have a hard time understanding how these two statements go together
"Upgrade to Substance Live for $9.95/month if you already have a Substance Designer or Substance Painter license"
"Can I upgrade with accumulated payments
No. Accumulated payments cannot be used to purchase license upgrades."
So I have to pay the full price of SD6, even if I have the 5, if I intend to use Live subscription accumulated payments.
I'm asking because I just activated Live but I feel like I made a mistake...
Thank you.

Hello, I just wanted to collect in this thread few minor UI issue as I find them, before I get used to them. I hope that this may be useful. I'm just starting, so is possible that some features are already there but I just don't see them, please forgive me  ::)

In the 2D view many times it's hard to read what's the resolution and the bit depth of a node, it could be easier if these details were on the grey tools area underneath.
2. Selecting multiple nodes could show only common attributes in the parameters panel, so one could change them all at once.
3. I would like to have the option to toggle bit depth information to know which node I shoud demote. The connection lines between nodes have different strokes, but they seem not related to bit depth. What's the difference?

Blend nodes should have a per channel bit depth selector so they don't get promoted or demoted all at once.

Just a small thing for those who got the same issue. In chapter 02-05 at 18:00, I noticed that if you don't set an output group to "Material" when you import dirt_ground you won't get a single green output node.


When you open an sbs, Designer also loads its dependencies, and these files are not visible in the package explorer even though they are kinda "opened".

So hit "yes to all" to apply the format upgrade to all dependencies then go to "File / Save All" to actually save the format upgrade for all these files.
My problem is that this happens for every map, even if I already updated it before. Thank you.

Hello, I'm getting these popups every time I bring a map into my graphs, is it normal? How do I update all the maps at once?

I got a doubt after watching the PBR introductory video, is there a way to validate the assets in UE4? And is it necessary when I pick a color, as albedo albedo for example, to stay within certain limits, or is already capped?

Content - Substance Source - Re: Free assets disappeared?
 on: January 13, 2017, 06:07:53 pm 
Hi, are you sure you're using the same account you used to download the free assets (I'm asking just in case)?
Also, the Source website was up a little bit before the official launch, did you download those assets after we officially release the website? :)

Thank you for replying, yes, I use Source with only 1 account. Can you confirm that the free substance are 18?

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