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I guess you know more about our deal than we do then  ::)
I hope I'm wrong but I've worked in IT since 1999 (4 years before Allegorithmic was formed I have to point out).

I don't know the details of the deal but I frankly don't think I need to - I've seen the results before.

The people here aren't asking for the impossible, we just want common sense, and not to be gouged for no reason at all.

And that's our intent and by extensions Adobe's. Our value is in our community, Adobe is very aware of this.
With all respect, your value is in your technology, which Adobe now owns. They are currently worth around $9 billion and they do not have to nor will they give a moldy fig leaf for the unquantifiable "value" of a user community.

This thread

We're all for listening to feedback and discussing with you but for the love of the holy spaghetti monster, please stop predicting a future we know much more about than you do.

All will be cleared up in due time and your fears will be defused.
Nothing personal against you Jeremie but I really hope this thread is going to wind up on because in 18 months time I really want to be able to say "we told you so". The future is being predicted because this has opened over and over again - we all know exactly how it's going to play out.

Has enyone seen Anakin and Allegorithmic CEO in the same room yet?

Shhh! Do not disturb him!!! He has a Peter Jackson moment now!  8)


Jesus Christ... "Adobe is a company I have admired my whole life"...

Google "adobe ceo refuses to answer Australian pricing" if you want to understand who Sebastien is saying he admires. Where is the vomit emoji when you need it?

One of Peter Jackson's greatest achievements was staying as independent as he is and Sebastien is saying it's a Peter Jackson moment to sell his independence? I'm sure he's new position is exciting for him, but in no way is this a Peter Jackson move.

I've said it elsewhere, I'll repeat it here..

What I don’t get is how you can abandon your brand.. Building a brand like Allegorithmic did was a HUGE achievement.. Sure it’s very likely the tools will improve, but the brand equity’s gone, that’s a big big loss.


Substance is a fantastic product. Most of us will keep using it I suspect, and I do believe it will improve, but even with the same name, you’re now Adobe, and that sucks.

It was nice that Substance was one of the few highly successful content creation tools that hadn't been swallowed up by either Adobe or Autodesk. But from this point forward, it's not going to improve as a tool because the direction Substance will take will be in Adobe's interest in the context of it's other projects. It's right there in the blog! And it sure as HELL isn't going to improve things for customers - more money, less features and I agree with all the predictions about Substance Share's future by earlier posters.

A word of warning, be careful with perpetual license. At the end of the day you're purchasing perpetual access to Substance in an agreement with Allegorithmic and when they cease to be Allegorithmic then your license granter no longer exists and that license is invalid. They will just turn off the current licensing servers.

The same happened with InstaLOD. They sold licenses for UE4 integrations and when they decided to rebrand the company all those licenses just died overnight and don't function anymore.
That will not happen, we're not savages :)
You can't say that because you are not in control any more.

I know exactly when I'll stop using Adobe ( :'( ) Substance - when I have to install Adobe Create Cloud to access it.

I put together this test during the Beta for Substance Painter; short version is yes but you may have to play a little bit to get things working properly.

Attached file embeds an env tex which isn't mine.

Edit: In fact, looking at the node layout, pretty sure it's not 100% correct but the render was close to what I was seeing in SP!

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