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since Etienne Carabeufs from CS stopped replying to my inquiries by email I have to ask on the forum.
I own several perpetual licenses from 2017, that gives me a discount on the annual subscription from $239 to $149.
After that $50 to upgrade to a perpetual license for all programs.
Now, if I understand correctly, when you run a promotion, like black Friday, one can upgrade and get 12 months of updates for $50.
So, in the end I would pay $149 for the 30 material per month.

The following is a quote from your blog about last Black Friday:
"For those who already own an Indie license of Substance Painter 1 or 2, or Substance Designer 5, you can upgrade with 12 months updates at only $50 (instead of $75)"

So I'm wondering, if I don't need more materials, wouldn't be better to wait for your next promotion? Or will I end up outside the the period to get a discounted annual subscription?
Thank you.

I keep getting the TdrDelay error message,
[GPUIssuesCheck] The current TDR (GPU hang recovery) delay is low: 5s.
   Substance Painter can be interrupted by the OS when doing a long computation.
Even after I changed the regedit keys. What should I do next?

Hello, I have a hard time understanding how these two statements go together
"Upgrade to Substance Live for $9.95/month if you already have a Substance Designer or Substance Painter license"
"Can I upgrade with accumulated payments
No. Accumulated payments cannot be used to purchase license upgrades."
So I have to pay the full price of SD6, even if I have the 5, if I intend to use Live subscription accumulated payments.
I'm asking because I just activated Live but I feel like I made a mistake...
Thank you.

Hello, I just wanted to collect in this thread few minor UI issue as I find them, before I get used to them. I hope that this may be useful. I'm just starting, so is possible that some features are already there but I just don't see them, please forgive me  ::)

In the 2D view many times it's hard to read what's the resolution and the bit depth of a node, it could be easier if these details were on the grey tools area underneath.
2. Selecting multiple nodes could show only common attributes in the parameters panel, so one could change them all at once.
3. I would like to have the option to toggle bit depth information to know which node I shoud demote. The connection lines between nodes have different strokes, but they seem not related to bit depth. What's the difference?

Blend nodes should have a per channel bit depth selector so they don't get promoted or demoted all at once.

Hello, I'm getting these popups every time I bring a map into my graphs, is it normal? How do I update all the maps at once?

Content - Substance Source - Free assets disappeared?
 on: January 02, 2017, 09:42:30 pm 
Hello, when Source first opened few months ago, I added all the free assets that were available to the "My Assets" page. Today I checked and I found that many disappeared. Is it normal?


Hello guys,
I've put together this scene to study UE4 and Substance Painter. The idea is to create a short demo for a story I'm writing and get the experience to move into the gaming industry, hopefully next year when I will move to the US. It took me, on and off, almost 3 months from scratch after I got confident with the basics. I cannot stress enough how easy and fun the whole process was, both in UE and Substance. The assets are quite simple and I used mid-poly modelling technique to skip baking on most of them. I'm planning to release them as free assets if there is some interest (they can use some optimisation). C&C are welcome (the editing is temporary). If you have any questions or need help on a project please contact me.

Original music by Vincenza Cabizza.
Original architectural/interior design project by Dimitar Karanikolov & Veneta Nikolova.

Software used: Unreal Engine 4.12, Substance Painter, 3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects/Mocha, Premiere.

As you can see in this video something funny is happening
Any idea?
Thank you

Hello, could you please consider including by default a new environment map with some light coming from the bottom or at least the option to rotate the current one along the horizontal axis? Sometimes is quite hard to get the details that are facing down.
Thank you.

Hello, as stated in the subject, I use a smart material with that filter applied but there are no settings to rotate the strokes. Using the UV rotation on the fill layer property doesn't affect the filter. Am I missing something?
Thank you.

2 questions:
- if I want to use a normal map between the one provided how do I setup the brush alpha to use the NM transparency?
- I noticed the alpha called "shape" doesn't have any settings other than hardness, unless I use the screw bolt tool, is that normal? No more choice between various shapes and parameters?
Thank you.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Normal Map Stacking
 on: May 31, 2016, 12:41:42 pm 
Hello there,
quick one, if I want to create a texture like a grate with cables running underneath combining 2 normal maps or height maps how would you suggest to proceed? Is it possible to mask the bottom layer (cables) using the height information from the top one (grate)?
Thank you!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Substance Painter on SALE!
 on: October 22, 2015, 08:52:22 pm 
I've just spotted a 50% off sale on Steam I was wondering if it's possible to save some money on my indie subscription buying it on Steam. Also buying now I will only get the main 1.5.x updates, right?
I suggest to be careful before buying on steam if you already have a live account

as you can see from the picture my generators create low resolution masks. Any Idea why is this happening?
Thank you!

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