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Did something change in the last update? I feel normals are coming out very flat in the viewport, even though they bake fine.

I am getting terrible result on small sizes when trying to create some stitches. I've increased spacing, checked my UV's, tried 4k res, but I am always just getting this "blob" at sizes 2 and down. Spacing isn't spaced out much in the image, but the same happens with greater spacing as well. Not sure if it's the brush that is limited or anything else I can test out.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Trim Sheet Creation
 on: May 27, 2019, 07:39:20 pm 
Is it only possible to get your trim sheets and tiling sheets cropped outside of substance painter? Or rather, do you need to crop them in something like photoshop after you've created them? I was thinking about using some shapes made in illustrator to create some trim/tiling sheets, but is this the only way tiling will work?

I am following Josh Lynch' tutorial on Wood Lath creation. I am getting some issue with both the visibility and I am not sure if I am setting the size correctly. What I did do was to make the first node absolute then switch it to 2k. I understood that I need to set it to this to get the proper visibility for some of the flood nodes. But it dosen't seem to populate down the chain. On a few nodes I changed the output size to 2k, and the visibility appeared.

Do I need to change on each individual node, or am I suppose to change it somewhere different than in the first node of the chain?

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