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I recently upgrade from good ol' SD 6 to the 2020 version.

Though since this version, my workflow is hindered. When exporting textures from the 2D preview window, SD now uses a custom file browser. This is very restrictive in the following way on Windows:

- No access to "Quick access" links or "Recently opened". These placed always give me access to whatever project I'm working on
- Unable to copy/paste a folder path, if I have the destination folder already open in the explorer, it saves me the effort of having to navigate to it again in the file browser.
- SD file browser reverts to default size whenever it is opened. If a folder has a large amount of files, I keep finding myself scrolling down to find the file I'm looking to overwrite.

Maya has to ability to use the native file browser instead, I could not find such an option in the SD settings and it would greatly be appreciated!

Hey peeps,

I've noticed there is an issue in Unity, where the material looks "corrupted". This happens when you use Splatter Circular. This is usually elevated by nudging a parameter related to the Splatter Circular node. On my grass material it usually means the grass blades turns into noise, or the splattered shape turns into a square. On my rock material it results in harsh shapes.

However, not all my materials have such a parameter exposed. Even so, when saving the outputs to bitmaps, half of the time they are rendered with the artifacts.

I seems related to using an image as an input, using the shapes built into the node works alright. I've also tried to pipe in a bitmap, but that also breaks. Whenever I debug the graph, it always seems to come down to the Splatter Circular node. Using the node from SD 5.6 unfortunately, has the same issue.

I've recorded a video to demonstrate this. Using Unity 5.4 and SD 2017.3 (v5 engine), although it also happens in Unity 2017.1

Changing the "Image Input Filtering" on the Splatter Circular node has an effect, but only results in a slightly different appearance. I've tried switching to SSE2 to be more in line with Unity's CPU processing, but to no avail.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Using Unity 5.4, where I'm faced with a puzzling issue. As sometimes this specific map fails to generate, whereas the normal map works just fine.

The graph is not very complicated:

Any pointers as to what could be done to avoid this happening?

It appears that in Unity 5.6 when on the Android target platform, normals maps, generated through a Substance break. Exporting the generated texture does work properly, as shown in the image below:

Left: Substance material
Right: Material with exported normal map

I have tried generating a Substance with both SD 5 and 6 (in v5 compatibility mode), to no avail. The normal map is a simple Perlin noise piped into a Normal node. The same Substances work in previous Unity versions, or when building for PC/Mac.

Interestingly enough, the issue does not occur in a build.

Does anyone know what could be causing this, and if there is a solution?

The last few months I've been exploring the fantastic combination of Substance and Shader Forge. It allows me to move some of the computation out of the shader and have it baked into a nice bitmap for the shader to use instead.

I've been meaning to have my hand at clouds and I finally had a reason to get to it!

Here is a short breakdown video:

Whenever I tried to load a Substance file I get an "Error in reading Substance file: <path>" message. Is this because the latest Substance engine isn't supported? If so, is an update planned in the future?

I'd love to be able to use Substance generated heightmaps in my workflow.

Hey folks,

I've been having an issue with using bitmap normal maps as outputs in Unity. They show as a tiny icons with "0x0 Linear Unsupported 0 B" in the preview window. The same published Substance works fine in both UE4 and Player.

For testing purposes I now have a single bitmap node piped directly into a normal output, in a brand new graph. However I cannot get it to work. I've tried 8 and 16 bit depths and every setting on the output node. Even a diffuse bitmap converted to a normal map failed. I've also tried several other bitmaps.

Odd thing is, if I blend/combine the normal bitmap with another normal map (some kind of noise for instance) or even just a Normal Color then it does work.

I'm using Unity 5.3.2f. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could try to reproduce this issue.

Good day!

I'm trying to render the outputs of a graph with a defined resolution. I supposed this question is directed at the techy people at Allegorithmic.

The steps I follow:
- Sbscooker with "--expose-output-size 1" (so I can do step 2)
- Sbsrender with "--set-value "$outputsize@10,10""

What this does is render the outputs as 1024px but the graph resolution was left at 256px (It's set to "Relative to parent"). So the result is 256px bitmaps upscaled to 1024px. I can change the output size of the graph to an absolute, but that defeats the purpose of automation ;)

So set-value $outputsize purely seems to set the render resolution but not the Substance resolution as it's exposed.

So I tried to modify the SBS file with sbsmutator so it takes on the defined resolution before cooking a SBSAR and in turn rendering its bitmaps.

sbsmutator.exe graph-parameters-editor
--input "D:\OneDrive\School\3rd year\Minor\Production\Rocks\Rock Material Baker\"
--presets-path "D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Substance Designer 5\resources\packages"
--set-default-value "$outputsize@10,10"

According to the SBS file the parameter responsible for the output size is "$outputsize", but it returns an "Unknown input" error. Any other parameter (without a $ symbol) works. I assume this is because it falls under the <baseParameters> tag and not <paraminputs>.

I'm a little bit stuck, so I'd appreciate all the help I can get  :)

I'm using a Substance in which utilizes a Tri-planar node, which works fine. However when using the same substance in UE4 I end up with unwanted results.

This is the normal map as generated in the content folder. You can see very fine lines have formed, whereas there were none inside Substance Designer.


I'm trying to use a dropdown list with a set of value to control a direction warp. So I can pick between 90 or 270 degrees easily. However this doesn't seem to work

On the "Warp Angle" parameter I create an empty function, like so:

If I expose the parameter normally I get a Float1 Angle type with 1 value. How should I go about this?

For my automation purposes I require to cook an SBS file (template) into multiple SBSAR files, each with a different graph name. Sbsmutator has this option, but it doesn't work for what I need. As a workaround I replace the graph's resource files before cooking, but now I'm missing the option to set a graph name.

I realize this might not be a high priority, but I atleast want to throw it out there :)

I'm running into a problem with sbsmutator. I can use "specialization" just fine, the .sbs package saves and all my input images are linked up. However in the new graph the parameters were stripped of their Group name and the six empty image inputs (for custom diffuse textures) are now gone.

Could this be a bug, or something overlooked? After I run the bat file I get an "sbsmutator has stopped working" message. But since the package gets saved I'm not sure it's relevant.

Code: [Select]
cd C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance BatchTools\5\

sbsmutator.exe specialization --input "D:\SBS\"
--presets-path "D:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\5\resources\packages"

--connect-image "input_vegitation"@path@"D:\SBS\CM_Norwegian01_vegitation.png"@format@JPEG@level@1
--connect-image "input_snow"@path@"D:\SBS\CM_Norwegian01_Snow.png"@format@JPEG@level@1
--connect-image "input_position"@path@"D:\SBS\CM_Norwegian01_position.jpg"@format@JPEG@level@1
--connect-image "input_normal"@path@"D:\SBS\CM_Norwegian01_normal.png"@format@JPEG@level@1

--output-path "D:\SBS"
--output-name "CM_Norwegian01"
--output-graph-name "CM_Norwegian01"

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Customizable Mountain
 on: August 25, 2015, 12:37:52 am 
Hi there!

This has been what's keeping me occupied over the last two weeks. I had been toying around with this idea for a while. It's the start of a pack of customizable mountains for game environments. Right now it has controls for vegetation and snow. Feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!

Good day!

I'm not one to cry for help without looking into something myself. But I can't figure this out for the life of me. An error is thrown when baking, referring to a parameter name I once had but renamed at some point.

     Substance Cooker 4.1.0 build 16375 (Aug 21 2015)
     Found default packages at: D:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer/resources/packages
     Front End...
ERR: Luminosity
ERR: pkg://CM_Norwegian01?dependency=1232381192

I have three Contrast/Luminosity nodes (in sub-graphs) and all three have their Contrast & Luminosity values assigned to working parameters. One of them had the default "Luminosity" name at some point.

How could I resolve this? (Using SD 5.2.0)

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