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I'm looking for the "Output Computation" switch in graph attributes but cannot find it. In the position I expected to find it I see "Exposed in SBSAR" but hovering over the label for that switch it says "Root disabled" so now I'm confused.

I'm using 20.2.1 on Windows 10 v 20H2.  Has the switch I'm looking for been removed? 


Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Preferences
 on: March 21, 2019, 05:32:59 pm 
In Substance Designer/Painter I can set Preferences and choose where on my PC disk drives to save materials/resources. I cannot find this in the Alchemist Beta (0.5.3) . Does it exist and am I missing it? If not, are there plans to add this?


Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Alchemist download
 on: March 20, 2019, 01:11:20 am 
Hi I just received an email from Allegorithmic saying that, with a current subscription I can now download the beta of Substance Alchemist.
There was a link in the email which takes me to the Alchemist product page and, on that page, a link to "Get Project Substance Alchemist".
That link though takes me to the downloads page with all the Substance products - except Alchemist.


Newbie here and so far very much enjoying Designer. However I have a problem/question about the creation of substances in Designer to use in Substance Painter.

I can create procedural materials, expose parameters and export them to the Shelf in painter - which works fine.

I can create a material which uses a baked mesh (e.g. position) in Designer and that also works fine.

So far I have not found a way of exporting that material, that utilises a baked mesh, into Painter so that it picks up the baked mesh (again let's say position) from a different object in a similar way to the smart materials in Painter.

I have searched on-line but maybe I am entering the wrong question. Apologies if this is something that is staring me in the face, like I said I am new to this. :)


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