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I'm currently using Abobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Acrobat  as part of the subscription plan and is sad to say that those pieces of software are getting worse by the update. There's no innovation, there's no optimization and on top of that they are crashing all the time and I have a brand new computer that has no problem to deal with other pieces of software (for photogrammetry, substance painter and designer, zbrush, blender and maya).

Long story short:
As a current customer of Adobe and Allegoritmic
I see Allegoritmic as a company that brings innovation and cares for the customers. Bright ideas and always that "OMG" moments when you work with their software.

On the other hand, I see adobe as a juggernaut who really can not care less for their own products and even less for the customers.

I don't see those morals coming together for the good of the customers. Feels like when you try to put together a SS Nazi (Adobe) and Peace Nobel Price (allegoritmic) together in a room and expecting to get something positive out of it
I think is just sad and at this point I'm f$&#*@ing upset and sad because I'm not planning to give a dime those as$#&@les from Adobe.

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