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In my case, the issue is ChituBox. If I uninstall it, substance doesn't crash.

Following this post as I'm having the exact same issue now.

I've been playing with the new fabric materials this afternoon, and the ones with Top Stitch give excellent control over the stitches themselves, but the placement is all over the place.

It would be great to have that same degree of control over the look of the stitches, but have the placement based on UV borders (as would be output by Marvelous Designer for example.) with a parameter for offset.

Does this exist already?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Solved!
 on: June 24, 2017, 10:55:32 am 
I fixed this by going into the diplay drivers in control panel, and disabling the integrated intel card.

Hi there, I'm runnning a GTX1080ti on a new machine. Drivers are up to date, and substance is randomly glitching out. See image.

I'm also getting the error that says painter is running off the integrated card, not my 1080ti. I've not found an adequate response to this problem from Allegorithmic.

Thanks for the reply Wes, definitely not working in 1.0. I wasn't aware there was an update released? there hasn't been any notifications.

sounds like a legitimate bug then. I've reported it, but a bit surprised it's not been picked up before release?

Hi guys, the substance effect demonstrated in this video @ around 16:33 (MatFX Rust Weathering) was working fine for me in the Beta release, but since the full release of painter, it seems to be not working?



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