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Noticed a lot of rocks/twigs in substance now, but not sure how to use them. Are these atlas maps or is there another term I can use to lookup tutorials? Are these meant for use in engine or substance painter?

tldr. I want the parameters on the alvl aangle so I can target edges because the one on the right is not selecting them all.

Following a substance stylized texture tutorial and I'm missing these alvl a angle values on the generator. Even using the same values and material shape as the tutorial it's not looking anything like it. (it's not targetting all edges and making them a different color like it should.
This is the video I'm following

Basically every material seems flat.
At first I thought I was importing wrong, but trying out substance launcher and it does the same thing with imported substances.

The attached image is supposed to be the stylized norfolk terracotta but it's really flat in substance painter.

If it helps I noticed recently every imported material uses the pbr metal rough shader for some reason.

Edit: Seems like it was a bug with substance painter that went away after a reinstall. Height map working better now :D

So tldr, if you can lock the brush in place, you could do a normal stamp and then come back and paint it with a texture using the same stencil without any issue.
Brush just needs to be able to lock to the exact same position. It's not exactly the same as doing both in one action, but it would save a lot of time regardless.

I'm a Senior student at SCAD in Atlanta, and this is my first attempt at Substance Painter. I'm rather happy with how the head turned out while I was learning the program. Currently planning out what to do with the body now.

Here is my WIP, It's in 512 texture resolution atm.

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