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Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: unity webgl
 on: December 20, 2014, 01:12:41 am 
Just to understand, is this planned for Unity 5 release or we better start dropping the substances to port to WebGL in time?

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: unity webgl
 on: December 18, 2014, 12:27:29 am 
Any news? Can I try to port one of my titles with substances on WebGL?

Hi Wes,

That makes sense indeed, I look forward to the update then :)


Hi Nicholas,

Do you want the SP project, the Unity test scene or both?


Hi Axel,

If that is the task manager while SP is frozen then I take it back, it's not a memory related issue... beats me... could be related to the specific video card and that's a nasty bug hunting... let's hope they pinpoint it rather quickly :)


Hi Jeremie,

If I'm not getting this totally wrong, the Unity 5 Standard Shader is a PBR one. The result I get using it (shown in the first post) is so wrong that it cannot really be the GI, which BTW is quite similar if you look at the screenshots in my first post.

In UE4 (4.5.1) I get a quite good result as you can see here... I just expect the same in Unity 5  ???

BTW, this is how it looks in Unity 4:

Hey Axel,

I'm aware that you are within the specs, I'm just saying that usually the specs don't take into account the fact that one has many other sw installed and some even running.

Consider that every single action is logged for the UnDo system... *everything*, and that takes a lot of memory for sure. The UnDo history, BTW, explains why after a while it freezes.

Have you tried closing all other programs and ending the processes you don't need (antivirus on top of the list!)? I cannot test your config on my box but I can tell that I have on average 14GB free (and 8GB VRAM) hence I see no lags, it's flawless even with all post-processing effects active, so it has to be a problem related to low RAM.


@Ron: The shader is correct :) This is a Substance Painter support forum :) I have no problems using Substance Designer maps in Unity 4, but when it comes to Unity 5 there are problems as clearly shown in the pictures I posted above. Same mess with the new all-in-one Standard Shader and the legacy Bumped-Specular. Something is clearly wrong with those maps, evidently Unity 5 is quite different from Unity 4.

If I'm doing something wrong I'd like to know what the correct procedure is supposed to be.

My 2 cents: is a RAM swap problem.

You run a 64-bit box with 6GB of RAM... that is like running a 32-bit box with 2GB of RAM. I guess you have quite a lot of SW installed as well with a lot of processes running, so working with real time heavy renderings like the painter is killing your disk as well.

I'd suggest to go up by no less than 2 more GB, reaching the still minimalistic 8GB RAM figure.


But you are right, being version 1.0.1, I should have known better than to pay to become a beta tester. I mean seriously, there are grammatical errors in the UI. QA anyone?
Believe me, this is the least of the issues with the Painter. Anyway there is no such a thing as a bugs-free software unless it's been out for decades like Photoshop, and still sometimes we hit a wall on new features on that as well :)

Allegorithmic is a reliable firm employing very competent people, so your money is as safe as in a bank.

Sure... they are slow to answer, and that pisses me off when I need an answer... like right now indeed to export to Unity... but they are French... they take their time valuing quality of life over money... can't fault that either :)

Cheer up!
Pino  8)

No answers whatsoever??? Really??? Is this the product support forum or what?

BTW, if I go via Substance Designer using the Painter generated maps I get this in SD:

And this is the resulting substance in Unity 5 (legacy shader, the new one shows just dark):

this is the situation in Painter:

And this is the result in Unity 5:

In Unity 4 is a similar problem, only way darker.

Can you guys please tell me if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?


I noticed that SP is now also offered outside STEAM in two different versions, Indie and Pro... what that means to us that got it from STEAM at its launch? What version do we have? Indie or Pro? Honestly is not nice to discover that a product I thought to have is now offered in various different versions without us (customers) being even told...

Care to elaborate?

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