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I know this is a bit old, but I guess it's better to reuse it  :) Is this anywhere on SP2 roadmap yet?

Ok, thanks for the link.


Well, actually I have not exposed "tiling mode", I created a custom boolean parameter that I use in the funcion within the tiling mode using the GetInt node. So basically SD notices that I'm using a custom parameter to drive that tiling mode, therefore it disables it? That's quite peculiar.

Are there any other similar "forbidden exposures" in SD?

Hi Fabian,
I reproduced this with a simple substance, only 3 parameters, but only 2 show up in the Substance Player... the Boolean is missing... this is really odd... any hint? Attaching the test substance here.

I just tried the substance in the player and I get the same result... the .sbs seems ok and the XML looks valid (passed a few XML validators) so I'm kinda out of ideas... this is not UE4 related, it's a SD5 issue I guess  :-\

I have 34 exposed parameters in my substance and 2 are not showing up in UE4. I tried to add more and nothing shows up... like there is a max 32 exposed parameters  :-\

Any pointers?


sorted out, in TGA the alpha is a mask, so I had to apply the masking basics to have it behave as expected. This should be highlighted in the doc ;)

Nope, it's not working for me.

This is the result of a decal:

As you can see here it's a TGA without compression:

The white area is not supposed to show :(

Hi Josh,
In as well there is no option to import a file capable of carrying transparency (PNG): we can only import JPG, JPEG and TGA. BTW, in this version if the image has any transparency it won't show at all :(

Any news on this? We really need to get this working :/


thanks for working on it. As I use the same set of substances on Unity as well I will wait for the fix to avoid to maintain 2 different sets.


TGA 32 is messed up, is i fill the Alpha channel in black (transparent for TGA) I get the whole image 50% transparent via an odd line interleave, you can see it here:
In the image the stone wall is a substance and it has a second texture as a decal, and that is the result using the TGA file. The substance works fine in Unity, so some is wrong in UE4.

Yes Froyok, I see that I can only import Jpg, JPEG and TGA at the moment, so I cannot use any transparency in the input images in UE4, unless I'm missing something obvious?

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Multiple textures with alpha
 on: December 31, 2014, 02:36:52 am 
I see that we cannot import PNG nor any other format supporting transparency to be able to use decal-like effects: any plan to support that in the future? Any ETA?

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: unity webgl
 on: December 23, 2014, 09:31:33 pm 
Substance will not be supported on webGL when Unity 5 ships, so you should indeed not use it if you want to be in time.

Ok, thanks for clarifying this :)


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