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Coming from the somewhat unusual field of contemporary art, I'm wondering if you could help me to figure out what would be the best way to approach this project. I'm working in a twofold series of works where I'm making real sculptures using found objects wrapped in bioplastics, and trying to replicate these in a way using 3D software. Given the free rein that 3D tools give, I'd like to experiment with unusual textures and materials, volumes, shapes, etc. that couldn't be achieved in the real world. I've done some first artworks using Cinema4D and Arnold that I'm happy with (see attached pictures below), but what I'd love to achieve is a much more photorealistic finish in the textures, and that's why my decision to use Substance. I guess my question would be what workflow would you consider to make this work? Given that the end result will consist in single-unique digital and printed artworks/images/assets, would using Painter suffice? As I understand, Designer is used for tiled textures that can be used in motion gfx/ videogames, but maybe creating my own textures from the ground up could help me to achieve the level of realism I'm looking for? Could Alchemist make this easier? Or maybe using/tweaking smart materials in Painter (using an image as a base and working from that)? Sorry for the long rant, I'm such a noob with these tools, but any help would be much appreciated. Peace

I've been working on a material in Alchemist that I'd like to use in Painter, but when using it in the latter, it looks radically different from the sample in Alchemist. Read somewhere that I should turn off normal when exporting, as Painter converts height to normal, but both channels have very different information in my Alchemist project. My main question is if there is a way to have the exact same material from Alchemist in Painter, or if these differences are to be expected. Thanks

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