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I did have a couple of textures that were still in the USubstanceTexture2D format so they may have been the textures that were either too big and corrupted during the update. I will take some time when I get back from Holiday break to dig deeper into this and remove them from the material library and see if the plug-in works. Then those deleted bitmaps I'll have the substance graph recreate them again in the new file format.

Most of the projects that I've been in as of late started in 4.24 or 4.25 my department began in 4.20 but immediately moved to 4.24 so we've never updated to 4.23. There's only been 1-2 projects that may have started in 4.24 and then was converted to 4.25 but that occurred months before the issue occurred. I will try to give your idea of deleting the substance textures out so that the graphs can generate new maps, its just going to be an extremely tedious task since our material library is quite big.

Currently using 4.25.3 and 4.24.3 but for the sake of the comment I am primarily in the former. I am also using the same version for the plug-in as well. The crash seems to occur during loading portion of my project. So for instance if the plug-in is already installed and I go to open my project build it will load, get to 99%, then crash giving me the error in the attachment I provided. The other way it will crash is if I reinstall the plug-in before opening a build, the build will open, prompt me to manage my plug-ins, I'll activate the plug-in, restart the build, and then it crashes right before launching. I am still able to use the shader that had bitmaps previously created for it but my builds no longer recognize the substance graphs or instances. The only updates I did as of last Friday were the systems update for UE4 which crashed the launcher (that has been fixed) and when I was trying to reinstall the plug-in that was a download that occurred that I believe I updated but I have not updated my version of UE4 that has stayed consistent.

Unable to open project builds due to recent plug-in update for Unreal Engine. Only able to open builds when plug-in is disabled or uninstalled, but by doing so I no longer have access to the substance graphs or instances in my material library.

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