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I haven't seen this before I know SP triangulates the mesh when importing. But why would it distort the texture when put back on the original quad mesh. Any ideas? top one is the triangulated mesh from SP and bottom is the quad mesh.

2018 won't open previous projects saved and I'm not talking about previous versions of painter. I used the latest version save 3 different projects then tried to open them up, all invalid. So 4Hr down the drain. Also the anchor points don't appear to be working, I can't find the micro details anywhere in the above layers. The only thing I can do is go back to Painter 2. While you guys fix the bugs !

With the Studio Panorama template what's the Max Resolution SD can handle?
If I set the output to adsolute and the power of 2 to 14x13 it still comes out at 4096x4096.
Is this the best it can do.
My idea was using a Panorama from Vue and converting it into a proper HDR with lighting info.
And just placing a Panorama Shape node where the sun is, to fake the lighting.
Is this possible or am I dreaming ?

Yes I'm getting the same thing to, it just sits there and does nothing when exporting 8K textures bug report e-mailed

Wow thanks bro that was so easy, I was making all these masks to get around it, but this is way better !!! :)

What is the best approach to masking out the height map underneath the top material.
I've never figured this on out. Say I have a fabric material the on top of that I have a metal
material with a black mask then use a paint layer to put down some design on top of it.
I always get the fabric bump mixed in with it, so how do it stop them blending.
Sorry if this has already been answered !

Changing the color_id map from 8K to 4K did the trick !

Same here just freezes on picking the color mask, how do we go back ???

Never mind I just answered  my own question, swapping engine to Direct3D 10 fix it and was able to export at 4K.
Someone might find this useful !

Is there a 2K limit with exporting I have the latest full version.
But no matter what I try it only output a maximum of 2K
I'm using the SSE2 engine do I need to swap it over?

I got it now it was there all the time at the top I was looking where the "S" was in the drop down list but it was at the top.
Sorry about that !
By the way it work excellent no troubles at all !

OK been trying to find the export for this it, and it just isn't there, I'm using substance painter 2, Sketchfad isn't in the dropdown list of Config in export do I need to download a plugin or something, any idea?

+1 here

Thanks for sharing had the same problem and this fixed it straight away.
Cheer! 8)

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