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I don't think it's possible yet to get the active layer or set visibility on the layer stack? (To use in conjunction with exporting)

I found this thread from 2020, so I assume it's still the same deal (No in Python and Maybe in Javascript):,34974.0.html

Would there be any good example out there with JavaScript to do this?

Same issue for me, I have an expensive new setup and I can't (easily) use Substance Painter now with my new monitor! (UI is either too small or too big).

Can someone who works for the company with knowledge please reply to us and let us know;
1. Is there any know work around even if it's hacky - please give details if possible, not links.
2. Is there a planned fix and release schedule - if so please share it.

I've researched this a bit and users seem to have been asking for a fix since 2016. It's concernig that 4 yrs have passed and I have the same issue.

Some posts indicated that the problem is with Qt (interface building framework under the hood) and can't be fixed this end. Perhaps the interface needs re-writing in something more capable?

Please let me know what I should do at this stage, short of cancelling my subscription and finding a new solution - not something I want to do as I've invested in this software - but it doesn't work within my pipeline of other art tools that are brilliant on a large 4k monitor.

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