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Hi, I was trying to to load BrickWall_03.sbsar, but none of the materials in the substances folder is working. We tried this here in the office on another computer and it did not work either. At home it is working, I installed Maya as a demo version without updating the substances plugin and all the substances sbsar files are working. Maya is doing all the connections for the materials. strange thing. Here in the office we have the GTX 1080 Ti and home I have the GTX 960. No clue if it has to do with the graphics card. I will try it again with a fresh user Maya folder. Perhaps some prefs are rubish

Now it worked, I had to choose the right workflow in the drop down menu of the substance material. But we can not see types of workflows?

Hello, I have the same issue. We have Maya 2018.3 and I updated the substance plugin to the latest version. I am trying to load the *.sbsar files that come with Maya. It does not work!? The only file that is connected is the normal map. Currently I am doing a tutorial from plurasight and in 2012 it worked. All sbsar files from the Maya folder are not working. I tested it in Maya 2017 as well, same thing, not working. Is there any solution to it? We are really interested in testing substance but we can not test it :(

it is also not possible to set the Workflow in the substance loader, I see the drop down menu but no text? strange thing

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