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I'v have a perpetual licence running to november 2021 and I'download the new  Adobe substance painter: 7.2.0-1103.

I'll have a few question before installing.

 Is this a new version which has nothing to do with my current version: 7.1.1-954?
That is to say if I install the adobe version it will not affect my current version and I will still be able to use it?

Do I have to re-enter my Indie perpetual license?
I have the number on my invoice and the .key on substance .com.
Do I have to go to adobe to declare it again?

When I click on the exe I will choose the default path and I don't think the exe will ask me to overwrite the other version?

Once installed what should I do, it will be a new launcher and should fill in my license or will it find it automatically?

I've had smart material, material, textures and alpha customization for years, I can't afford to lose them. I backed them up. Could I copy them as is to the new asset folder and how is that going? If they are hidden files, how can I view them? Is there a smart material, textures, alpha folder?

If you could tell me very precisely and step by step the installation method that would help me a lot.

I would like to keep the 2 versions of substance in parallel. Is this possible and what is the method to do it?

Sorry for all these questions but I am a little lost with this new installation and I can not afford to have a problem with my work.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Best regards


Hello, I have an indie license substance painter (perpetual) for 3 years and which ends in November 2021.

I just downloaded version: 7.2.0 1103 for windows and I would like to know what will happen when I install it?

 Usually this goes well and upgrade my old version and keep my exe and ALL my presets and Materials texture and brushes. Is it going to be the same? I hope so.

I would especially like to know if I can install version: 7.2.0 1103 above my version: 7.1.1 954?

And what will happen even exe or other exe especially I do not want to lose all my presets and textures.

Besides, I see that the logo is different (green) with marked PT above.Thanking you in advance for your help.

Best regards


Hello,How do I get the Subsurface Scattering to show up in the working viewport where I can adjust my materials?
I have "Enable" checked under Subsurface Scattering in the Shader Parameters I have "Activate Subsurface Scattering" checked under Camera Settings in the Display Settings I have a "Scattering" Channel in the Texture Set Settings

 I can preview the "Scattering" channel when I cycle modes with "C"
 I don't see in material mode in the viewport.

 Ill move the scattering slider nothing but work in "C" mode, nothing in "M" mode Ill try with different size nothing....

Version 6.2.2

Thanks by advance to your help

Hello I'll have an indie perpetual licence (maintenance go to november 2021) and I'll try to download some asset from substance source but it's impossible.....I'll must subscribe the new system to download the free asset.
It is unfair because I'll have a licence.

Certainly I'll change for the new system but in 1 year when my maintenance stop.
Is there a way to download the free asset from substance source?

Thank by advance for your help.

Hello,I'm going to renew my indie licence 219 $ base and 75 $ for a new Year.

How can I'll do it (since Adobe is here) must I click on "upgrade" and follow  the message? Ill hope continue to pay 75$ it's a perpetual licence. 

Can you explain the precedure?.

Thank by advance for the advice.


Hello, I will soon change machines and I would like to know how to save all my materials, smart mats, alpha, textures, tools ect that I have accumulated in substance painter.

Because as I am going to reinstall from scratch I would like to find them without having to redo everything.

Thanking you in advance for your help

Hello, since the last version of substance painter,when I'll use Hard surface or Alpha brush,I'll don't see the tool in the brush display (it's annoying when I'll want to position the tool specialy in rotation).

When I'll creata a standard layer sometime the base color roughness ect option don't appear on the panel window. I'll shut and reload painter and all is ok. But not for the brush tool invisible. The tool work but don't show in the brush circle.

It's happen only with the last version before no problem.

Windows 7 Nvidia geforce.

Thanks by advance to fo fix the problem.

Substance painter 2019 2.0 crash when smart mask load. It never happen before. Thanks for your advice.

To add: now sometime I could load smartmask but when I ll quit SP when I'll launch it again I had the message for the bug.
I'll transmit the log.

Hello,I'v an Substance painter  perpetual indie licence and I'would like to update (my licence stop in a few day) it to paid the 75$ year to have 1 year more.

How can I do that,I'll go to my licence and go to update?

Thanks by advance for your help.

Hello,the new feature "layer instance" is great but I'll would like to know how "uninstance" some part of my objet after instancing. For exemple some effects don't work like I want and I would like to uninstance some part.

Thanks by advance for your help.

Hello,this morning when I launch SP a message tell me a new version version is available,how the update work? It's a reinstall or just an update,I'm in a try version,I'loose all my preference if I'll do that?

Thanks by advance

Hello I noticed when I re-import an object via edit modification project, the object does not change (even if I rebake) not I have to recreate a project to see the changes, it's annoying when you set your obj in an app 3d to have the perfect baking.

Is there a solution for the update to go through project modification?

Thank you in advance.

Hello,I would like to know where the backup files are stored?I look in home,my folder allegoritmic.....nothing.
And what's the snooze?

Thanks by advance for your help.

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