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Hi guys, I have been working on a texture pack project for some time and I recently noticed that upon export of all my maps, I get these weird faint lines going through my exported images. They are not present in the SP viewport and only show up when I export the texture maps, everything looks fine and perfectly seamless while painting. I have tried everything from exporting 8 bit, dithering, 16 bit etc. Different formats (png, tiff...). Also tried triangulating the mesh and subdividing it, playing with smooth groups. Nothing has affected the results in the way I would like. I am at a loss for what to do here - has anyone else encountered this?

I attached the image which basically details the problem that is happening accross all of my exports. For reference I am using the plane mesh that was referenced in the tutorial for creating tileable texture maps in substance painter. Like I mentioned I also took it into 3ds Max to edit the geometry in an attempt to fix the issue. The seams also show up on my normal, roughness, metalness etc maps and do not show up on UV edges, only in the middle of my texture.

Export size is 2048x2048. GPU drivers up to date.

This is my first post in the community so if I am not including enough information feel free to let me know. I can provide a log file if needed. This has really been bugging me because I plan on selling my work online and I would not like the end user to zoom in on the final product only to see these faint seams.

Thanks guys and have a good day. Apart from this issue I have been really enjoying using SP for my work - take care.

Accidentally posted this to the wrong forum section. Feel free to remove as I reposted it in SP tech support instead of SD tech support.

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