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I found a very good tutorial on PDF some days ago. It is from a guy at Ubisoft. I did not find it here so I hope he doesn't mind me posting it here.

I learned a lot about shaping and tiling with this  8)

Yeah, I think there would be great to have some of that kind of complete tutorials too.

But anyways, you should first just look for SD tutorials in general.

To make such materials, I guess the key is to search for examples of using shapes and tile generators. The other day I found a very good PDF about using this things, but can't find it now  :-\ . I'll post it here if I find it again.

As for the Unity integration, I think the main things to keep in mind are:
  • Set Unity to render in linear space.
  • Set linear textures (everyone but albedo and normal) to bypass srgb conversion in Unity's texture properties.
  • Set normal texture to normal map type in the texture properties.
  • Set a good cubemap in Unity, in order to get nice reflections.

I hope this helps you  :)

You rock, Vincent. Always very helpful!  8)


You should use a metallic/smoothness standard material in Unity, not the specular one.

Then in Designer you should invert your roughness (unity smoothness is roughness inverted).

Also, Unity needs one map with Metallic RGB and Smoothness in Alpha. So, in Designer, you should create a new RGBA output and feed it with a RGB-A merge node with Metallic in RGB and your inverted roughness in A. (For metallic you can just create a uniform color to full black if it is a non-metallic texture, or to full white if it is a metallic one). Then export that map and put it onto the metallic/smoothness input of unity's material.

You should also configure unity to render in linear space.

On the other hand, as pawnswizard said, if you just publish your graph to an sbsar, that should work just fine in Unity out of the box. (After switching to linear space rendering).

Ok Wes, so it is just a quality/time difference. Understood.

Thank you very much :)


I noticed that there are 2 nodes to obtain curvature from a normal map. For what I see they output, the Curvature Smooth one seems to get a nicer curvature map, although it takes more time to compute too.

I wish to know which are the differences between these 2 nodes and when should I use each one.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, i think I have got the same problem with height and ao maps. But I did not realise it was because they are 16bit. I just export those maps as TGA and that works for me.

Also, you can check these guides. I learned a lot from them :)


Actually, on the screenshot you took you are viewing different workflows. Unity 5 can use 2 different PBR workflows: Metal-roughness or specular-glossiness. The result using one or the other is the same, but they generate and use different texture maps.

In Painter you have selected the metal-roughness export preset, and in Unity you have the standard specular-glossiness material. So you should either export from painter with the specular-glossiness preset or change the Unity material to standard metal-smoothness (Unity uses "smoothness" instead of roughness for this workflow, which actually is the same as glossiness, or inverted roughness as someone noted above. Anyway, you don't have to worry about that, Painter does the conversions for you).

So, assuming you change the unity material to standard metal-smoothness, you should drop the albedo map on the albedo slot, the metal-smoothness one on the metal slot and the normal map on the normal slot. The roughness (smoothness) already goes into the metal map's alpha channel.

Hope this helps ;)

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Substance Live on Steam
 on: March 22, 2015, 05:17:26 pm 
Hey, I don't see any reference to "Substance Live" on Steam, so I assume that the Substance Indie Pack grants you access to Substance Live features. Monthly substance drop included, right?


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Substance Live on Steam
 on: March 05, 2015, 10:00:49 am 
Hi, I just want to know if you are planning to offer Substance Live through Steam.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: Abandoned clinic
 on: February 19, 2015, 05:48:29 pm 
Cool! There are not 2 identical damaged wall tiles, how did you achieved that variation?

Guys, Figure 09 is missing! Also, the last paragraph on page 10 is repeated on page 11.

Awesome guide anyways :)

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