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Adobe and Autodesk are the two major black holes in software industry that keep on swallowing smaller companies. It doesn’t matter how for we try to runaway from it. we will end up in their doorstep again because eventually they will buyout everyone.

Nothing against Allegorithmic now we are dealing with adobe better start looking for product replacement and hope the monster don’t buy that too

Congrats for selling your company to the biggest A-hole in graphic industry. You are not the first and won’t be the last. In the past 25 years adobe been swallowing a bunch of companies extracting what the need and killing the rest getting rid of the developers like frame maker, page maker, drum beat, go live, firework, freehand, director, authoreware and so many other I don’t remember the names. Which ever software survive turns to subscription only plan like dream weaver and flash the only apps from macro media survived out of 10. The only time adobe buy a company which it cannot directly competes to their product remember flash and dreamweaver from macro media they build live motion to compete against flash and bought go live to complete against dreamweaver after the failed attempts they end up buying them.

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