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Really sad about this move, I was litterally just talking to my freind about how Allegorithmic is the only software worth a monthly sub when I saw the news. Just a little context of why I hate adobe A year ago I finally axed my Adobe CC subscription replacing it with affinity pordcuts and other softwares. I feel the need to add that cancelling that adobe CC subscrition was no easy job! I had to speak with 3 different customer support agents, then! when I was assured that my sub was cancelled (and I tested by trying to open PS and getting a warning that I was no longer sub'ed), I found in my credit card ballance that another month of CC was charged. Again, another chat with customer support, bear in mind that customer support kept me in hold for like half an hour before answering, maybe hopping I would give up and leave them with my money and maybe a few more months before it aws too late. This time the person on the other side was so into re-selling me the sub with discounts, when all I wanted was a refund for the extra month that I was wrongfuly charged ... 15 mins later I could finally get the thing done, and just after the month had passed and I could confirm that I had not been charged again for the CC sub, I felt at ease.

↑ that way of treating clients like cash cows and not loyal users who love your software is what you are getting into...

Adobe and autoodesk are the worst of the worst. Currently transitioning to blender to also stop my autodesk Sub. And honestly, if you needed the money I would have been more than happy to pay extra $ for my Allegorithmic monthly fee.
I feel sad now that I know that I am, again, supporting the monopoly of adobe expand it's veil of evil and poor customer mindset.

In the video you can see the broken 2d viewer, also, can't select the transformation handles or move the brushes.

I am having the exact same issue. only that in my case it tells me that the other node running is also in my laptop. which is not true.

Don-t bother answering. I have solved this. I had a non mainfold edge which maya did not care to show me when using the cleanup tool... SO this is not a Substance problem but a maya one....  :-\

Hello! I am looking for help with a problem that I am having with Substance painter's FBX import.
When exporting a mesh from Maya 2018LT to Substance Painter  2018.1.1 it's giving me the "[Scene 3D] [FBX] : Mesh normals are invalid (some values are null) and will be recomputed" and then procedes to smooth some edges that I have set to "hard" in Maya.

This is what substance is doing:

This is what it loks like in maya:

And even UE4 has no problems displaying the correct normals:

I have tried to export from maya with the next combination of options and all of them weild the same result. With the addition that the Tangents and Binormals option, when checked, creates another error:

Please help!

PS: the log file here is from when none of the options above is checked.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Recent graduates Discount
 on: October 05, 2017, 09:28:52 pm 
Hello! so I graduated this last June and I think that it is terrific that you want to give discounts for the license. I just have one doubt. I was recently charged for this month's subscription and I wanted to know if I will be charge again when I upgrade for the 6-month discount. I ask this because the link that was referred in the promotional e-mail is directing me to a checkout page. So obviously I don’t want to pay twice for this month’s subscription.  ???


My Concept was thought of as a South American golem warrior. It encompases a bit of most of south america’s ancient cultures like Inca, Maya and Aztec cultures. He is cute but ferocious.

Some extra detai: I retraced the maya calendar to add it as recognizable detail.

Hi! I was wondering if the contest is international or just US, Canada and Europe

Thank You!


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