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Hi everyone,

These are kind of newbie questions. this software is so much fun to use, but just wanted to know:

1. When I import my mesh and do the bake, I get his error in the log:

[Baking] Baking failed (Color Map from Mesh)
Could not find vertex colors in mesh 'polySurface1'

Is this an issue I need to address before progressing further with my project? Or can is be ignored? 

2.  Is it normal to have a Substance Painter file size of 537 MB when I just saved my file? All I have created is 2 layers, so the stack is pretty empty. I expect when I start to work into this that the file size will be huge. Any info here would be greatly appreciated :)

3.  Has anybody here created textures to be used in Renderman 21.5 and Maya? If so, what would your preferred preset be?



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