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People pay Allegorithmic because they really want to do so.
People pay Adobe because they are forced to do so.
That's a neat difference in the long run.

It doesn’t matter how “cheap” will be the new Adobe subscription model, because we all know that is coming and its not what we signed up for.

As it may be immature to draw conclusion until we know all the facts, let's hope the best anyway.

I have this also. but unsure how to fix it. I had the same issue first time but now cannot use the "Pick Gradient" tool unless I use a new Gradient map node.

I have to manually close the new desktop window that has been created in order to use it again. sometime it take a bit for SD to understand whats going on. if I have my second monitor open, sometime it creates a new desktop on my second monitor so I have to close that one as well.

to be fair the pick gradient has always worked kind of clumsy on my mac but today I upgraded to the latest version of SD and now it just creates black desktops. if I don't manually close the desktop I can not use the pick gradient again.

mac high sierra 10.13.6
macbook pro 2014
2.5 ghz intel core i7
nvidia geforce GT 750m

I had this problem by when the python editor was first introduced but my upgrade license has expired soon after so I thought that was just the first release. but today I bought the upgrade, upgraded SD and still the same. I tried every combo of shortcuts I can think of and search in internet but it seems there is no scale? I have a 3440x1440 monitor and I am 1 meter far from it.. my eyes are crying

high sierra 10.13.6
macbook pro retina 2014
2,5 ghz intel core i7
Nvidia geforce gt 750M

Hi Celine Dameron,

thank you for your help. In my case it was really the software Magnet. As soon as I closed Magnet, B2M didn't crash anymore. The same goes for PopClip. However, you don't have to close PopClip completely, it's enough to insert B2M in the excluded apps (see image. Sorry for German interface ;))

After the new os update I can confirm that quitting Magnet did the trick. It did not work before though

For me, the culprit was "Default FolderX". Hope it helps

This hasn't worked for me

So on my external (ssd 64 giga) OS running the same Mac High Sierra 10.13 both B2M and PLAYER are working. I don't have magnet though nor dwell control. but on the on the other hand on my internal main OS its not. I did have magnet on but quitting it did not help and also I don't have dwell control option.
It happened the same as before with Sierra. on my external OS was working but not on my internal.
they both had a fresh boot recently upgrading with high Sierra.
I obviously don't have the same apps on the both OSs but I keep my settings the same. if something else comes to my mind I will let you know

just upgraded to High Sierra and it seems to be working. both b2m and player

MacBook Pro (mid 2014)
2.5 ghz intel core i7 16giga RAM
Nvidia GeForce 750M 2048mb

I've searched but not found this question, if some one asked before I'm sorry for double post.

Does some one know if having a "big" shelf library affects in somehow SP performances? I already have some performances issue due to a low-end laptop so I would like to know if there is something in regard of the shelf dimensions.


same here...
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Bitmap2material and Player every single time I click on metallic/normal/height/ambient it just crashes.

funny thing to point out is that it works fine on an external OS that is using 10.12.5, but this same OS I'm using right now(where the crashes happen) it used to be 10.12.5 and It was crashing anyway. I formatted everything hoping that will resolve but nothing.

I've included some files hope they are useful.

it works on Windows bootcamp for me.

MacBook Pro (mid 2014)
2.5 ghz intel core i7 16giga RAM
Nvidia GeForce 750M 2048mb

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