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I discovered the solution:
"If Substance 3D Painter freeze right when starting up on Windows, a workaround may be to remove the registry preferences."

Do color selection masks only use the hue or all colors? Does anyone have any techniques for keeping the colors you choose organized?

As of this morning, substance painter is not functioning. When I open it it gives me a white screen that says (substance Painter(Not Responding) in the upper right and a completely white screen. Painter has been functioning normally since I started using it a week ago until this morning. I have tried restarting my computer and reopening the program.


I am trying to bake my material id's that I created in Blender, shown on the left, but my results are giving me the results on the right. All other maps(geometry based) are baking out just fine so it isn't the Max frontal/rear distance.

I have been able to reimport the basemesh in Edit<Project Configuration and the hipoly mesh in the Bake settings. Thank you!

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