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As long as the material is applied on an object in Painter, and thus becomes unusable as a simple tileable material, you're in the clear.
Thank you for the quick clarification :)


Is it legally okay to offer an asset pack of 3D models in the Unity Asset Store that uses textures that come from Substance Source (bought with Asset Points)?

I have read some posts from the past and unfortunately I am not sure yet.

I plan to create a package with multiple prefabs. My workflow for a single prefab of the pack:

1. Create own model in Blender
2. Unwrap UVs of this model
3. Open finished model in Substance Painter
4. Apply the materials I bought in Substance Source with my Asset Points (sometimes without adjusting the available parameters)
5. Export texture set (base, height, metallic, normal, roughness)
6. Create PBR material in Unity (Unity Standard Shader) with the exported textures and apply it to my model

I do NOT offer Substance Materials (.sbsar) files. I only offer my models with the exported texture sets. I only use the Unity Standard Shader - no Substance Integration.

How complicated does a model have to be to be able to sell it with the exported texture sets? I have often read that you should not offer simple planes. However, I do not intend to do this.

Can I do it that way? Or are there legal problems here?

Many thanks in advance!

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