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In Painter i have an issue in the 3d viewport where there is an UV seam/cut:
if two adiacent edges don't have the same "orientation" in the UV layout then the faces normals displayed on the SP viewport are not "correct".
However seems like is just a visual issue with the SP viewport as the normal map is exported correctly, in the example below as flat values.

Hopefully the example image and fbx can explain better.
First square (from left) don't have problems. The others with UV islands rotated show the problem, they give the impression the faces are tilted even if the mesh is flat and there is no normalmap.

The problem is from my side or from SP? Any way to fix the issue, apart from rotating the UV islands edges (which i guess would be nearly impossible on more complex meshes)?

edit: the material applied to the planes is a fill with uniform base color, roughness at 0, no normalmap/bump or additional maps.

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