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I do work in a the DAZ3D cottage community and want to learn how to create full on skins for male or female figures.  Not sure if there is a projection tool or if it's, for now, just a fill in and add in details like elbows, knees, palms of hands and bottoms of feet bits and pieces or there is a way to do all that from within Painter. 

Please let me know.. if there are video tutorials designed for this sort of project then please post a link.  I'd be most grateful.


Thanks for the replay Fabian... yea, well I think the program needs some more maturity then.  It's a brilliant program if you have a tech savvy mind.  I don't.  I'm an artist first and foremost.  So learning to work with masks and all that to compensate for what the program can't do just yet is what drives me back to tried and true PS.   ;)

Glad you asked... here are the maps in the trash can... The settings were at the default.  Second time I tried I turned most of them off to see what I got and still the top's maps were all exported in FILLED maps so couldn't even imagine trying to figure out what went where.  It's just became too much of a puzzle.  You really need to implement a combined map export, the top is just that, a sports fitness top for a figure, it's got 8 material zones to make for easy texturing for those that want to do their own things with it after it's released.  I don't know enough about this program to make masks to work off to import it as one flat UV so it worked off of the info that was in the obj and what you see below is the result of the first export of all the maps excluding the ones for the last two export options.... can't remember what those are called...

Upon getting my top I'm working (piece of clothing for a figure) I go to export and there is no option, apparently, to export the top as a whole map, just the bits and pieces from the material UV zones.  I ended up with over 100 maps when I allowed it to export the height, spec and all the other maps.  It's like a jig saw puzzle and not one I'm willing to try to figure out.  If this is 3D painting I'll stick with Photoshop.  This is just too crazy for me!  YIKES!   :o
Got suggestions, please let me know... thanks

Beginner here.  Going through the tutorials that were just posted.  I'm running Windows 10 and the Draw Straight Line using the Shift key is not working.  I'm either doing it wrong or it's a bug introduced using Windows 10 or something else. 

After reviewing the tutorial a number of times I finally gave up and went to the Help page:

and sure enough, it appears that I'm doing it correctly but the line tool does not engage!  I do get to move the lights around though!   ;D

Thanks much

Never used X-Normal.  I'm downloading the newest version.  I remember the interface looking very old school with the weird sort of "Winamp" interface design which is a bit off putting. 

OK.  I guess in the newest upgrade that animation export stuff was removed.  It's now a straight up multi file export but I KNOW I remember the older dialog (looks the same with the upgrade minus the animation input boxes).  I swear I wasn't smoking anything funny!   ???

Could have sworn that there was a native input file for SP but if you say it's just regular image maps then that's even better. 

Thanks for the answer, very much appreciated!   ;D

Thanks so much Ron.  I appreciate the response.   :D

OK.  Just during one of the tutorial vids there was a mentioning of naming conventions for the maps like bump, specular and so forth for the program to assign them to the correct slots so just thought there may be one for the ID map too. 

Well the poet shirt is just one of 8 pieces in the set but I'm doing them all separately.  So the above image is good enough?? 

Again, is there a naming convention I need to follow like "PoetShirt_ID.jpg" or something for it to be properly recognized for that it is??  I wanna learn this correctly now so it stays in the brain!  lol  :P

Will this work?  What is the naming convention on this sort of file? 

Ah, the tutorial is over 5 years old.  Seems in the comments area folks are complaining that it's not working in the current version of ZBrush! 

This is awesome.  Thanks so much Jeremie!  ;D

Really not wanting to add Substance Designer to my work flow, it's just getting to be too much.  I have Substance Painter and Bitmap2Material.  I do a bit of work for the Poser/DAZ Studio industry and really need to keep my tools and workflow as minimal as possible or I get to confused!  :-[ 

So watching the tutorials about Substance Painter from y'alls YouTube channel there is that cool way to make the stitches instantly masked.  I like that but it's because there is an ID which makes that happen. 

So is there any other way to make an ID rather than adding yet another expensive tool to my toolbox that will take me forever and a day to learn?  If so can someone explain how?  Other tools I use are ZBrush, Photoshop, Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro and DAZ Studio and have others too but those are the main ones I use to produce with.  Running Windows 8.1

Thanks much


I have a question concerning this. 

It's mentioned that some material information needs to be there.  So can I just use the Diffuse channel to colorize the parts of the obj's surfaces or do I need like a tiled texture for that to work? 

I have a Poet's Shirt I made for a soon to  be released character from Hivewire... so this shirt has multiple surfaces (collar, trims, the tie cord and so on).  The shirt is saved out with the "surfaces" created but the UV's don't have all those areas separated out.  When imported into DAZ Studio though, under the surfaces tab all the areas are there so I can turn them off via the opacity channel.

So if I colorize them will that be enough for Substance painter? 

Never worked with FBX exporter either.  DAZ Studio does have one but not sure if "industry standard" or not!


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