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Hi Antonio,

sorry to hear you are having issues with Substances in Cinema 4D.

May I ask, which version of Cinema 4D you are using?

As stated earlier in this thread, since Cinema 4D R18 the Substance Engine has been integrated into the product, so the plugin is no longer needed. Only, the internal integration is being developed further, the available plugin should be seen as a fallback for R16 and R17 users.
For example the plugin does not support Substances created with Substance Designer 6 and above (I assume, this is your actual problem) unless they got saved with a backward compatibility flag set.
Support for Substance Designer 6 features was added with a service pack in Cinema 4D R18, so maybe you just need to update your Cinema 4D to the latest version.

Actually there's no need to install the plugin anymore. Since Cinema 4D R18, the Substance Engine is integrated in Cinema 4D. You find the corresponding functionality in the Pipeline menu.


the plugin does not support Substance Designer 6. There is a "compatibility" switch, you can use to save the Substance in SD6. Or use Ciunema 4D R18 SP3 or above, the built-in Substance Engine supports SD6 Substances.


I think, what you are seeing there is a Substance shader that somehow lost the connection to a Substance asset. Why this is happening due to saving and re-loading a scene, I'm not sure. Haven't heard of such behavior, yet.
Maybe you can provide us with the scene (including Substance asset)? Or just the asset, if it happens with this all the time, regardless of material setup.


sorry to hear, you are having issues. Which version of Cinema 4D are you using? And what do you mean, the "texture loads empty"? How does the Substance asset look like in Substance Asset Manager and Attribute Manager? Maybe a screenshot could help to explain.


the Substance Engine integration Cinema 4D provides a workflow from Substance Designer. Substance Painter is a different thing, but as far as I know it just outputs texture maps, so use with Arnold shouldn't be a problem. But this is probably a question best asked to the Arnold developers.


I'm wondering, which Substance Designer version you are using? And which Cinema 4D version? Until the last hotfix for Cinema 4D, it was not able to load Substance Designer 6 assets. In that combination SD6 and C4D < 18.048, you had to set a compatibility switch in Substance Designer before saving.
The hotfix (enabling C4D to load SD6 assets can be found on MAXON's Downloads page under R18->Application. Please make sure to read the notes about this hotfix thoroughly, as it unfortunately causes an issue with Substance OGL2 engine on OSX.



I just want to add some info on the C4D R18 SP2 hotfix (aka Ryzen Hotfix) providing SD6 compatibility.

First, as mentioned in this thread already, we unfortunately broke the Substance OGL engine on OSX with this hotfix. So if you need the OGL engine (e.g. for higher resolution Substance outputs, you currently should not install the hotfix. This will hopefully get fixed with the next service pack for Cinema 4D R18.

Second, while providing general SD6 compatibility, not all SD6 features are supported by C4D, yet.
These are mainly, text inputs and FP outputs. Text inputs of a Substance asset will simply be ignored currently. So it's not possible to modify the text inside C4D. Any default text set in SD will render properly though. For FP outputs C4D will fall back to standard integer bitmap. So the outputs will render in C4D, but not yet with full color resolution.

Just so you are aware.

Please don't feel annoyed, I just want to exclude the impossible.
Could it be a problem with access permissions? Or maybe your path contains strange characters (which still should work and I'd consider a bug)?
I simply dragged the Substance Asset Front[Glossy_Wood].sbsar from my desktop onto the Substance Asset Manager.
Do you have this issue with other Substance Assets as well? Does it happen with assets created in SD5, too?

is this a Cinema 4D question?
If so, I'm not sure about the constrained rotation switch. But there's a chapter in the online help, which provides quite nice information about navigation the viewports:


I tried your Front[Glossy_Wood].sbsar here in Cinema 4D R18 (18.041, Win 10) and it got loaded without issues.
What do you mean by default plugin? We are talking about the native Substance Engine Integration in R18, that's found in the Pipeline menu, don't we? If you additionally installed the plugin downloaded from Allegorithmic's site, then I'd recommend to remove this plugin and try again.


with R18 the Substance Engine got integrated into Cinema 4D. There's no more need for the plugin. Please remove the plugin from the plugins folder again, it is no longer needed.


while Substances are procedural textures, in the end they are textures, i.e. they output bitmaps. When used in Cinema 4D they behave exactly like images in regards to tiling and scaling. You can check out the Texture tag in C4D, which is used to assign a material to an object. There you have options for mapping, tiling and scaling. E.g. you can enable "Seamless" so a texture will be flipped on repetition, but this of course improves the seams only, the pattern will stay repetitive.


yes, that's a current limitation of Cinema 4D's file requesters.
But you can drag and drop multiple Substance assets from Explorer or Finder onto the Substance Asset Manager in order to import multiple in one step.


not sure what went wrong with the docs there. Sorry for the confusion.
When you have downloaded the archive, unzip it and simply drag the content (the folder called substance) of the resulting plugins folder into the plugins folder of your Cinema 4D installation.

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