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I'm sorry to confirm another bug slipped into version 1.2. It's a compatibility issue with R17.
When dragging Substance archives from Finder or Explorer onto the Substance Asset Manager, it will either not work (good case) or even crash Cinema. I'm sorry, for the inconvenience this may cause.
We are looking into options of a bugfix release somewhere in January, but no promises made.


NOTE 2015-11-20: If you downloaded the update since yesterday, please download again. Version 1.2 contains an important bugfix.

Hello everyone,

it took a long time, way longer than expected, but finally the first update for the Substance Plugin for Cinema 4D is released. I hope some of the added features will make up for the long wait.

The download can be found here.

NOTE: There's currently a limitation with Cinema 4D R17 Team Render, it will be fixed with SP2 for Cinema 4D.
NOTE 2: The online documentation has not been updated, yet. Sorry for that, but we didn't want to hold back the update any longer. The new documentation is included as PDF in the downloads.
NOTE 3: Minimum requirement for the plugin is Cinema 4D R16 SP3 (version 16.050)

And finally the list of changes, so you know, what to expect:

Version 1.2

  • Improved naming, when Substances are duplicated

  • Freeze on undo after parameter change on a Substance with image input
  • Materials not being updated after undo

Version 1.1

  • Command: "Duplicate Substance(s) with Material(s)"
  • Commands: "Select Substance(s) from Object(s)" and "Select Object(s)"
  • Commands: "Apply Substance Preset", "Merge Substance Preset" and "Export Substance Preset"
  • Commands: "Create Metallic Material(s)" and "Create Glossy Material(s)"
  • Substances can now be disabled/frozen
  • Tested with Cinema 4D R17 (try for example Take System and Substances!)
  • Support for Team Render Server (please see Limitations!)

  • Updated Substance Engine libraries (version 16895)
  • Substance Ambient Occlusion output is now mapped to C4D's diffusion channel
  • Renamed "Remove Substance(s)" into "Delete Substance(s)"
  • Busy mouse pointer during Substance load
  • Slightly reordered menus and added separators
  • Changes for optimized PixelBerg support

  • Speed improvement, especially noticeable, if several Substance Shaders are mapped into Cinema 4D's Reflectance channel
  • Crash, when an object with a Texture tag with no assigned material got copied
  • While in the last release main focus was on standard Cinema 4D materials, with this update all commands work with Substance's in Hair,
    Sketch&Toon or non-standard materials like “Banzi”, “Cheen”,... and also with objects and tags (like e.g. Displacement Shader). For example if such
    materials or objects get copied into a new document, the Substances will follow. There are also chances, that this works with 3 rd  party materials as
  • Undo on "Duplicate Substance(s)" and "Remove Substance(s)"
  • Attribute Manager update on "Remove Substance(s)"
  • Sometimes shader previews in shader hierarchies were not properly updated
  • Substances being changed (inputs added), while scene is not loaded, could lead to a crash
  • In conjunction with Cinema 4D R17: Relative image inputs and Cinema 4D's “Merge...” command (see Limitations section for more info on fixed issue)
  • Deadlock in conjunction with TRS (might also have caused instabilities in other situations)
  • On “Save Project with Assets...” image input filepaths were not correctly changed
  • Several minor fixes and improvements

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