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Hi there,

i want to export my models textures from substance painter (1.4.1) to unity. I want to use jpeg because of the smaller file size. Now I get problems with the metallic/ roughness map. It seems, that the alpha channel is missing. My question now: Is jpeg capable to act as a roughness map within unity (due to the 8 bit only?)? Png is working fine and I get the alpha channel.

I attached both files. Maybe I am doing something wrong. would appreciate some help on this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
I don't know if it is a Unity 5 or a Substance Painter problem, but I can't open height maps that are generated via Substance Painter within Unity 5. I can open the image via Window Image viewer, but Unity gives me that error:
"Could not create texture from Assets/Models/Rocks/Materials/Rock_big_02_lo_DefaultMaterial_Height 1.png: File could not be read
UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:projectWindowDrag(HierarchyProperty, Boolean)"

If I am opening the map with Paint, and save it, it works. Seems, that Painter is locking the map.

Anybody else have this problem?

Hi there,

I have the problem, that SD5 opens somtimes a new instance, If I am doubleclick on a SBS-File, even if SD5 is already open. This happens just 50% of the cases. Any Ideas? I would like to have them all in one instance.

Thanks a lot!


i was working today on a model with different paint layers. Switching between the different layers due to changes was quite very timeconsuming regard of resetting the brush to the different settings.

It would be really handy to have an option, that every layer remembers the last brush setting which was used on it (brush, color, alpha, and so on). With this option turned on, you could go back and forth very quickly between layers.

I made also a vote on uservoice. If you like this idea, please vote!

Thanks a lot and happy painting!

Hi there,

I use Substance Designer to build substances to use in Painter. The problem I have is, that sometimes importet substances are not working correctly within Painter. It takes ages to get the preview thumbnail, and changes on the substance takes also very long.

I found out, that this strange behavior could cause by exposed parameters. Is there some kind of verification of exposed parameters to avoid this? Normaly I have to clear all exposures and redo them. This takes a lot of time. Also I don't get any warnings or error messages within the publishing process.

Is there a way to verify the substance due to errors or something like this?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - New to Painter - Questions
 on: November 10, 2014, 02:53:35 pm 
Hi all,

I am quite new to Painter and the whole PBR Topic. Right now I do some little basic models and want to texture them with painter to use them within Unity (4.6).

Right now I have a little problem to get the output working under Unity 4.6. Since there is no official PBR Shader from Unity, I would like to use Unitys Bump Specular Shader as well as the Lux Bump Sepecular PBR Shader. The exporter of Painter offers a lot of different formats, which should be all I need.

For the Unity Bump Specular Shader I use:
- Unity 4 output (Diff/gloss)
- Normal Map

For Lux Bump Specular Shader I use:
- Base Color
- Nomal
- Unity 5 output (Spec/gloss)

Results can be seen in the first picture. It seems, that the Unity 4 diff/gloss image is much more darker then the nomal diffuse. I think that is strange because the gloss information are stored in the alpha channel. Since there is only a Bump/Specular shader within Unity which uses the alpha (not a shader with a dedicated specular map input) I don't know how to modifiy.

I also attached a pic of the model within painter as well as a few maps (base color, spec, unity4diff channel, unity4 gloss channel, unity 5)

I would really appreceate some help re the problem. How do you setup your models for Unity 4 (without PBR)?

Thanks a lot!


the subject already says all. Right now B2M is on sale (50%) at Unity. If I am owner of the previous version, do I get additional 50%?!/content/24267


Hi community,

i have a question regarding projecting a sqare brick pattern on a round mesh. I want to build a well which should have a brick wall.
I use Blender to build my models and unwrapp them also within blender. I then convert them into obj to use them in SD.

My problem is (and mybe I am to newbie) how to unwrap the round well to geht an even projection of the brick pattern on the model. I always get seams (which is normal), which are annoying with the bricks. If I make more seams, the Islands get more even, but I have more seams :-). If i do on seam along the up-down axis (in blender z) I get only one disorientation, but the bending is stronger.

Is there maybe a possibility to project the texture along the curved UV-Island?

I really apreciate some help or guidance in the right direction!



i have two questions regarding selling 3D Modells on the asset store.

Is it allowed to use Substance Designer and Substance Painter to create textures for assets that I want to sell on the asset store?

The second question is: Is it allowed to use the sample substances or the provided GameTextures (from on the 3D Models that I want to sell on the asset store?

Thanks a lot!


i have the following problem, if i try to import an obj created with blender. I tried it with a primitiv (box). I import the box into substance painter, but i get an strange artifact at the uv. I made a screenshot of the scene. I am using substance painter version 9 because version 10 is crashing a lot. Does anybody has also problems with models from blender (blend files make sp crashing immediatly)?

Thanks a lot!

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